Aqua-Kem 50th Anniversary

Aqua-Kem TeamSo, how many products do you know of that have been around for 50 years and have held the #1 title for all 50 years? I can’t think of one, but that is just what Thetford’s Aqua-Kem has done. This year marks the 50th year Aqua-Kem has been on the market and for all 50 years it has been the most trusted holding tank deodorant ever.

We went to Michigan to Thetford’s headquarters and production facility to learn a little more about Aqua-Kem and find out how the product has changed over the 50 years. And how they have stayed ahead of the competition all this time.

Aqua-Kem from ThetfordWhile we were there we had an opportunity to meet some of the dedicated team of workers that make Aqua-Kem and even had a little fun with them as they celebrated the 50-year occasion. We also got a chance to check out Aqua-Kem’s newest offering call “Shotz”. You will see and hear a lot more about Shotz in the next few months, but check out the show and see for yourself.

By the way, how has Aqua-Kem changed since it was created 50 years ago? Simple… it hasn’t.


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