Buying a Used Class A, Campsite Cooking and Top 5 Safety Items to Have in Your RV

Buying a used class A:

We’ve been getting quite a few email letters from viewers thinking about buying a class A diesel motorhome and asking us to do more stories on class A’s and class C’s.

A couple of the emails mentioned that they are looking to buy a used class A diesel and did we have any suggestions. Well….. needless to say that’s a tough question to answer because there are so many makes and models of used class A’s available and it all comes down to, what you like and what you’re looking for as far as ‘needs and desires”. And of course, your wallet.

One particular class A diesel Jeff Johnston did a story on a few years ago would be high on our list of vehicles to check out and that is the “Itasca Solei”. In case you’re not familiar with brands, the Itasca is a brand produced by Winnebago and, if you were to put a Itasca motorhome alongside a Winnebago you would find most models identical except tor various trim items, etc.

The Itasca Solei began production in 2012 and was launched to the public in 2013. Used Soleis, depending on the year, size and model sell ‘on average’ between $150,000 and $175,000. Just as with used cars, models, options, floor plans and overall condition and mileage come into play in the pricing. But, taking all things into consideration, the Itasca Solei would definitely be worth looking at. Watch the show, see Jeff’s opinions and see if you agree.

Campsite cooking:

There are all kinds of ways to enjoy outdoor cooking when you’re out camping and god knows there are all kinds of outdoor cooking utensils and gadgets available. One item that has been around since the covered wagon days and is still going as strong as ever is the Dutch Oven and just happens to be Jeff’s favorite campfire cooking item.

On today’s show Jeff shows us one of his favorite meals to prepare in a Dutch Oven, and would you believe it contains beer. Don’t most of his recipes? Check out Jeff’s Sausage and Bean casserole with homemade bread.

RV Education 101…. Top 5 Safety Items to have in your RV

When it comes to getting RV advice you can’t get any better than Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 and that’s why we have them on our show. Besides, they are just real nice people.

On this week’s show Mark and Dawn show us what they consider 5-top safety items you should have in your RV. I’m sure there are other items some of you can come up with that are important to you, but consider these five items as a starting point for your personal list.

And if you’re looking for advice on virtually anything to do with RVing from maintaining your RV to how to drive it properly, be sure to visit their website at

And, be sure to enter our Thetford Smart Tote 2 LX contest and win one of these great totes for yourself.

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