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With more and more people getting into camping and RVing, it’s easy to see why RV sales are going through the roof in every category of RVs from large class A motorhomes to small camping trailers.

Canvas ReplacementMany of these new buyers are opting for a used unit as their first purchase, which is a good idea. Let’s face it, this is a whole new experience and one you actually have to experience to see if it’s for you.

Based on some of the emails we get, quite a few people are opting for a pop-up tent trailer as their first unit and that explains the questions about repairing or replacing their tent trailer canvas.

Bob Grambsch, CEO and President of Canvas Replacements

Bob Grambsch, CEO and President of Canvas Replacements

A while back we paid visit to Canvas Replacements in Loyal, Wisconsin, the country’s largest manufacturer of pop-up trailer canvas to learn all about what’s involved in ordering a new canvas and what you need to know when ordering.

One of the things that’s helpful (aside from the make, model and size of your trailer), is if you can send in the old canvas. I know… your old canvas is in shreds and you can’t imagine what good it would do them to have it. Well, I was blown away at some of the tattered old canvas I saw there, but they have a couple of experts that can put it together so it makes a pretty accurate template. Of course they probably have a template anyway, but having your old unit does help.

Since you’re getting a whole new canvas unit, you can also take advantage of options like type and color of material. You may want a whole new look with a color change.

There are other things to consider like new cables or pulleys along with miscellaneous hardware. The friendly folks at Canvas replacements will be glad to help you out with all your needs.

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