Watch for our upcoming Segment on Pippi Peterson, a DIY Full-time RVer

Pippi and Jeff examine the project On a very hot few days in Mesa, Arizona, the Rollin’ On TV team of Jeff Johnston, Michelle Fontaine and Laurie Church met up with Pippi Peterson to interview and share a bit about Pippi and her latest project.

Pippi has quite a following on her YouTube channel and you can view her how-to segments for this project there or at the bottom of this article.

Pippi's dog Chase in the poolWe arrived at Pippi’s full-time home on wheels, a classic Bounder unit, and met Pippi and her rescue greyhound, Chase. Being dog lovers, all three of us doted on Chase during our visit. He ‘s a gentle boy who just loves cooling down in his pool.Jeff Johnston gets to know Chase

After introductions, Pippi and Jeff got down to logistics which were not simplistic. To be sure she had everything for her install, Carefree actually sent her more than she needed which confused us. But a call to their office was quickly handled and the answers were provided.

She would be recording for her own audience at the same time as we were recording for Rollin’ on TV so those logistics and audio equipment hookups were handled perfectly by our master Jeff.

Pippi had already put up the RV runner before we arrived which gave the project a nice head start.

Pippi and Jeff JohnstonWhen it came to handling the awning, due to its length and weight, the extra ‘man’power we provided came in very handy.

Over the course of 2 days, the awning was installed. There were challenges as in most DIY projects, but the job got done.

On the 3rd morning when we came back to finish up and say goodbye, Pippi told us how much better it feels inside her RV home. She said it actually makes it feel bigger because of the shade it now has on both sides. Being able to keep the sun off the windows in a hot climate like Arizona helps with the air conditioning as well as the ‘feeling’ inside.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming Rollin’ On TV segment which will be our first Spanish captioned program airing the week of July 1st!

Here is Pippi’s video of the installation. Our segment will share other perspectives of this energetic, confident DIY full-time RVer!

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