Class B Motorhomes are ‘Hot’

It seems that for the past few years, and especially since the latter part of 2015, more and more people are focusing in on smaller RVs. We’ve done a few stories on the growing popularity of smaller camping and travel trailers and featured some on the show. But, the smaller trend is not limited to trailers, the trend is also hitting the motorhome market.

Early VW camperClass B motorhomes are ‘hot’ and, like trailers, it seems more and more manufacturers are keying in on that market. Even though the term or classification of the class B is relatively new, the concept of the van/camper has been around for some time. Remember the VW bus camper?

Today’s class B’s have many of the same amenities you’ll find in a class C or small class A motorhome, just squeezed into a tighter space.

And, while we’re on the subject of space, one of the big advantages of a class B is you can park it just about anywhere. So, even for small trips to the store, taking the kids to soccer practice or going out to dinner, your class B can fill all those needs and more.

RV dogs in customized Advanced RVThe list of major companies building class B’s include Winnebago, Airstream, Pleasureway, Erwin Hymer NA/Roadtrek and a few others. Plus you have quite a few custom class B builders around the country offering custom class B’s made to order with just about everything you could want! For example, how about a heated, air conditioned comfortable compartment for your dogs like the one Advanced RV built for one of their clients?

On this week’s program section, Jeff Johnston picked up a new Winnebago Travato class B and hit the road for a few days of camping just to see what one of these new class B’s has to offer. Check out the video and see what Jeff has to say about this popular size motorhome.

Erwin Hymer RoadtrekWe recently visited the Erwin Hymer Group NA facility in Kitchener, Ontario who builds the popular Roadtrek motorhomes, and we’ll have that story for you coming up in our new season that starts April 9th . Watch for it!

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