Combining Work with Full-Time RVing

Full-time RVingI’ll bet you’ve heard it or even said it a few times… “Gee it would be nice if I could pack up an RV and head out across the country and still do my work”.

Well, now, more than ever, you can. With today’s communication technology more and more people are working from their homes, or…. from their home-on-wheels, called an RV.

Full-time RVingOne such couple, Steve and Bonnie Gibons from Warren, Oregon, have been combining their love of adventure and travel with their full-time brick and mortar business called Scapoose Bay Paddling Center. If there seems to be a common denominator here, you’re right. Steve and Bonnie have combined their love of outdoor adventure with their kayaking business and traveling the back roads of America with their Airstream in tow.

Full-Time RVingAs we talk with Steve and Bonnie they explain to us how they got started in the kayak business and how they combined the business and living in an Airstream full-time.

We also learn how they outfitted the Airstream (technology wise) to enable them to be in constant contact with the business 24/7 whether they were in the High Sierra’s or in Death Valley. By the way, Steve and Bonnie average over 25,000 miles a year with 75 percent of those miles being mainly on back roads. Once you see this story you may find yourself saying… ‘Why not?”

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