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Lance Camper 1475

Lance Camper started building truck campers way back in 1965 and has always had the reputation of Lance 1475 reviewturning out some of the best designed and highest quality truck campers anywhere. A few years back, Lance decided to get into the small travel trailer market and did so with the same goals in place that they had for their truck campers and that is to build the highest quality product possible within their product category.

Our associate producer and show host, JeffLance_Camper reviewJohnston, has been reviewing and writing about Lance truck campers for years and was well aware of their reputation for quality, so when we asked him if he would like to do a review on a Lance 1475 model trailer (which is the smallest trailer in their line-up), he jumped at the opportunity.

Anyone who is familiar with our show, and particularly product reviews, knows that Jeff ‘says it like it is’ and when he finished up with the Lance 1475…. Needless to say, he was impressed all over again. We could have named this story, “Little Things Mean A Lot” . Check out this week’s feature and see for yourself.

Time for a New RV Refrigerator?

I’m sure this story line has played numerous times with many folks. You get up one morning or come back to your RV after a day out and your RV refrigerator has decided, ‘it was time to check out’… In most cases, your frig probably had quite a few years on it and was built into a specific spot into the kitchen so finding a new model that will fit and allow you to upgrade if you want could pose some challenges.

This is exactly what happened to Evanne Schmarder a while back and this week we take a look at how she handled the challenges of finding a new refrigerator that fit and matched her kitchen décor. Lucky for her, help was just a phone call away to Norcold Refrigerators.

Reliable Campground Connections

RV Education 101As many of you are well aware, not all RVs or campgrounds are created equal and so, being able to get your electricity and other utilities hooked up, could be a challenge if you’re not prepared.

RV Education 101This week, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us their ‘Top 10 List’ of items you should always have in your RV to assure that you’re able to have reliable campground connections no matter where you are.

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The Retro Look Trend

The back story of the Vintage Cruiser Shoot.There’s a trend that’s been going on for some time now, but for a while it sort of flew under the radar. It's called the “retro look”. Now it’s no longer flying under the radar but front and center in just about anything you see these days, including RVs.

Why just a few years ago vintage looking retro trailers were only being built by smaller, specialty RV manufacturers. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find any major manufacturer who isn’t building at least one retro model trailer. In other words, Retro is hot.

Vintage Cruiser weekend with JeffOn this week’s show Jeff Johnston takes out a new Gulf Stream Coach retro-model trailer called the Vintage Cruiser, which, by the way, has become one of Gulf Stream's hottest lines. As Jeff often does when he reviews RVs, he took a Vintage Cruiser for an extended weekend review and was pleasingly surprised with this light-weight trailer. You can read more about The Back Story on this vintage cruiser here.

The design harkens back to the fifties both in its exterior and interior design, only these beauties have all the 21 st century technology you’d expect in a modern RV. The Vintage Cruiser series is available from 17 – 23-feet in length. The company now offers a new model with bunks for the kids or grandparents. Check out Jeff’s review and who knows, maybe one of these may be in your driveway soon.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (RV Destination)

Myrtle Lakes camprground

Leave it to John DiPietro to find an RV destination that has so much to offer. Really… Myrtle Beach has so many attractions and things going on to satisfy anyone, but then when you add staying at the Ocean Lake Family Campground, it almost becomes overload.

Ocean Lakes is big, and I mean big. It encompasses 310 acres, has 29-miles of paved roads and 859 camping and RV sites. Then Special Guest at Myrtle Beachthere’s the huge water park with 68,000 feet of pool deck, tube slides and adventure river.

With a campground this big, getting around is a serious consideration. While some people walk and some have bikes, many choose to rent one of the parks 905 electric golf cars. (Which is a story in itself as you’ll see in the show.)

Gulf cart paradeEaster Sunday morning at 6:30am the park holds a sunrise mass right along the beach, with around 2,500 people attending.

Outside the park, Myrtle Beach is an oasis of fun and activity with dozens of restaurants, entertainment facilities and shopping. The best way to get a real idea of what this area has to offer is to watch the story. Here is more information on Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Keeping Your RV Looking New

Let’s face it, an RV is a sizable investment and keeping it looking good and in good condition only makes sense. This week Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us their tips and secrets on how to clean your RV so it keeps looking new for years.