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Gulf Stream Conquest Class C

Gulf Stream Class CLike most categories of RVs, the class C motorhome market has been seeing record growth for the past few years especially with young growing families or grandparents with grandkids in tow.

If your RV taste leans toward a motorized RV as opposed to a towable and you are on a family budget then check out this week’s feature story on the Gulf Stream Coach, Conquest class C motorhome.

Gulf Stream Class CIt’s been a while since we’ve done a feature on a class C so this story gave Jeff Johnston an opportunity to get back into the class C style of RVing.

Jeff and Pam took the Conquest out for a few days of travel and camping to get a good feel for what the Conquest has to offer and one thing it has is… plenty of room.

Gulf Stream Class CLike most class C’s, the Conquest has the big over-the-cab extension which adds a whole lot of sleeping space without taking up any space in the general living area. Also, like many class C’s, the Conquest is built on the popular, fuel-efficient Ford E-350 or E-450 chassis. And like all class C’s the cab area is the same as any E-350 or E-450 van so driving Conquest won’t take a major learning experience to find yourself comfortable behind the wheel.

The Conquest has models varying from 24-feet right up to 34-feet, so you’re sure to find a size and floor plan that will fit your needs. When it comes to amenities… the Conquest comes with most features anyone would want, but if you’re looking for extras, Gulf Stream has plenty of options you can choose from.

Check out this week’s feature and for more information on the Conquest Class C or any Gulf Stream product.

Hitching and Unhitching a 5th Wheel Trailer

How to Hitch and Unhitch a 5th WheelIf you’re looking buying a 5th wheel trailer or have just recently bought one, you’ll find this week’s RV Education 101 feature very timely.

Hitching and unhitching a 5th wheel trailer isn’t really difficult, but if you don’t do it right, then it can become a pain in the ‘you-know-what’.

This week, Mark Polk shows us the proper and….. safe way to hitch and unhitch your 5th wheel. Like Mark says, “Once you know the basics and right way to do it, with a little practice, this part of your RVing experience will be a breeze rather than a pain.”

Check out all the videos and lessons Mark and Dawn have to offer at RV Education 101.

Cooling your RV Refrigerator

Tip from Jeff Johnston - cool that referIf you’re an experienced RVer then you already know when you first turn on your refrigerator after its been off for a while, it takes hours to get it down to operating temperature. So, you plan accordingly and turn on the refer about eight hours ahead of time or even longer. OK…. That’s the way it is so you live with it, but you don’t have to anymore.

Jeff Johnston, our associate producer and host of the show, has been RVing since… well, lets just say many years ago and he does know a trick or two. One is how to speed up getting your refrigerator cooled down in about half the time.

Now this may seem very unconventional and even strange but Jeff keeps a few concrete bricks in his home freezer and when he’s planning on heading out on a trip, he puts those frozen bricks in the RV refrigerator and the cold from the bricks brings that refer down to operating temperature in no time.

I told you this would sound strange, but it works and that’s all that matters.. right? You can check out Jeff’s other RV ideas right here on our website or log onto our Facebook page on Wednesday evenings and join Jeff on Rollin’ On Live. Here are some of those past Rollin' On Live shows.

These stories and more on this week’s Rollin’ On TV.


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2018 Starcraft GPS Travel Trailer

2018 looks like a banner year for new, exciting RVs both in the motorized and towable categories. This isn’t always the case. This is the time of year we cover the RV industry trade shows where RV companies launch their new or reworked models for the upcoming year. And yes…. some years you have to look for hours to find something new at these events but that isn’t the case this year.

For 2018 it seems like virtually every manufacturer has pulled out the stops on design and innovation and brought out some exciting new stuff. Bob Zagami from RV Insights covered the big Elkhart Open House industry event for us and came up with some very interesting product launches for us to look at.

This week, Bob meets with Nick Eppert, National Sales Manager for Starcraft RV and learns all about their new GPS model travel trailer. At first glance it looks like a standard looking travel trailer but, if you blink your eyes and take a second look you start seeing a lot of new… and yes, exciting, innovative firsts for a trailer like this. 'Exciting and innovative firsts' is a phrase we hear from companies all the time, but it’s just a marketing term and doesn’t mean much in most cases. But with the GPS, the phrase fits.

Lets start with the front of the unit. If you’re looking for storage bays, the GPS has them, but what it also has is a huge walk-in front, outside storage room, with a full-size door (think BIG closet).

On the back side, the GPS has a nice, raised patio deck (think toy-hauler), accessed through a large door on the back wall. The deck has a specially designed Carefree awning that even has side and back curtains. As you’ll see in the story, this raised patio deck and awning is very useful as the day Bob did this story, it was raining (need we say more about the practicality of this feature?)

Another item that you don’t see but wish you had on your trailer is a 100-gal fresh water tank along with larger grey and black water tanks. How practical is that?

Anyway, this would be a two-page article if we had to cover all the new ideas on the GPS, so just click on the video of this week’s show and see for yourself.

Jeff's Favorite Campfire Cooking Gadgets

Jeff's Kitchen GadgetsWhether you’re cooking at home or out with your RV cooking over a campfire, everyone has their favorite cooking gadgets. This week Jeff Johnston takes some time from reviewing RVs and shows us some of his favorite campfire cooking gadgets both old and new.

Check out the show and see if some of these may be something you want on your list of cooking items.

Installing New Window Shades

Our friends Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us how relatively easy it is for you to install some new roller shades in your RV.

As you’ll see, with just a little time you can transform your current window treatment to a roller shade system. Or if you already have roller shades and they’re getting a little worse for wear, how easy it is to install new ones.

These stories and more on this week’s Rollin’ On TV