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Current Program: February 17th

With spring virtually around the corner, so to speak, many of you are thinking about when to take that precious vacation time this year. It’s also time to think about what kind of vacation to take. Well, I have a suggestion for you to consider. How about enjoying an RV vacation? And no… you don’t have to own one to enjoy the experience. Whether it’s just you and your significant other, or both of you and the kids, everyone will enjoy this open-road, outdoor adventure. As I mentioned, you don’t have to own your own RV as there are numerous, reputable RV rentals companies all across the country and they will be glad to work with you on deciding which RV would be perfect for your vacation.

To give you an idea of what’s involved with renting an RV, we paid a visit to Fuller RV Rental, located not far from us in Massachusetts, and met with Sherri Fuller, co-owner of the company. We learned all about renting an RV including selecting the right RV and what’s included in an RV rental package.

We also learned the one thing that scares many people thinking about renting an RV is that it might be too difficult. Actually, it is relatively easy it is to learn how to drive and handle an RV and operate the various systems. Join us as Sherri covers all these questions and more on this week’s story about, 'Renting an RV'.

Carefree of Colorado awningAlso on this week’s program, Jeff Johnston stops by the Carefree Of Colorado exhibit at the Recreational Vehicle Industry Trade show in Louisville, Kentucky. He finds out about one of the company's long running RV awnings and what new changes and upgrades the company has made.

Just so you know, Carefree Of Colorado is celebrating 45-years of RV awning innovation and we are happy to say, they are also the Title Sponsor of our show. We recently visited their facility in Broomfield, Colorado and were taken aback to see the technology and workmanship that goes into building each one of their awnings. Now I can see why they are the leader in RV awnings.

FirestickOne other story on this week’s show is one we brought you a couple of years ago. We still get emails from viewers who see the segment on YouTube about the ‘Fire-Stick”. As we have mentioned before, this has to be the best tool ever designed to help build and maintain a campfire, and do it safely. You won’t find these in a big-box- store. The Fire-Stick is made by a small company in Endeavor, Wisconsin and they sell mainly direct to consumer. Jim Hutchinson is the man behind this great tool. You can reach him at 608 617 3437. Tell him you saw it on Rollin’ On TV.

Next week starts our 6-week scheduled TV re-run period. But we’re not laying back and taking it easy. Besides the next series of shows, we’re working on some interesting stories and interviews not covered or seen on TV. Watch for them soon.

Previous Program

On our previous show (week of February 10th), Jeff Johnston checks out the brand-new Thom Thumb Vintage Trailer.

So you’re asking is this a vintage trailer, or a new trailer? The answer is, both. Now don’t mistake this new-vintage trailer as a ‘retro type trailer’ where the whole trailer is made with modern technology, amenities and materials and just given a retro look. No way!

Jeff shows us the Winegard systemAlso on this week’s show, Jeff shows us how anyone can have great television reception virtually anywhere with the Winegard 'Carry-Out’ portable satellite TV antenna.Evanne gives us healthy chocolate pudding

And, sometimes the word healthy, great camping and great, on-the-road-food don’t go together but, as Evanne shows us you can make some delicious chocolate pudding from... Avocados. I’m not kidding!

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