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Jucy is trying to make RVing cool – Interesting rental concept

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.33.22 AM

The thing looks like Barney on wheels. Pea green, bright purple and plastered in company ads, the “JUCY Champ” is meant to garner attention — and it does. “Mind if I take a look inside?” a fellow road tripper asks me in a beachside parking lot. In the six days I spend driving along California’s […]

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RVing in the Mingus Mountains of Arizona

#1 RV Camping Mingus (33)

When we live in this part of the country, we enjoy finding interesting places to camp with an RV and whatever toy you have to venture out with from your temporary home base. Last time we wrote about the Crown King area. This time we take you to the Mingus Mountains, located between Prescott and Jerome, […]

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Carefree of Colorado Contest for Free Awning

At Rollin’ On TV you’ll only see products/sponsors we feel are of the highest quality, work as intended and we can fully stand behind. Carefree of Colorado and Rollin’ On TV have partnered in sponsoring this contest and the winner gets a new awning, fully installed by a Carefree of Colorado Certified Dealer Partner. Portable holding tanks […]

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