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Recetas de Chef Del Camino (Road Chef Recipes)

Easy Peasy Apple Pie Salad

La mayoría de RVers y campistas tienen esas recetas favoritas que les gusta preparar cuando acampan o solo cuando viajan. Esta receta particular fue de Evanne Schmarder y desde que se emitió por primera vez el segmento con su preparación de este plato, el seguimiento y las peticiones siguen llegando. Se llama Ensalada Apple Pie […]

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3 School Buses Transformed Into Functional And Mobile Homes

Converted school bus

1. Meet Architect Hank, and his Final Thesis Bus Project. Designed by Hank, an architecture student, this is a 225 square foot home inside a school bus. Although the space in limited and the layout is predetermined, there are still lots of variables. As you can see, there’s plenty of living and storage space inside. […]

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Moore State Park in Paxton, MA is a ‘Rhodie’ Good Time


If you find your RV travels bring you to south-central Massachusetts, especially in June, you might want to consider stopping at Moore State Park for several reasons. It’s free, dog-friendly, RV accessible and more. You’ll find the Park at 1 Sawmill Rd in Paxton. The parking lot is large enough for an RV. There is also […]

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Carefree of Colorado Contest for Free Awning

At Rollin’ On TV you’ll only see products/sponsors we feel are of the highest quality, work as intended and we can fully stand behind. Carefree of Colorado and Rollin’ On TV have partnered in sponsoring this contest and the winner gets a new awning, fully installed by a Carefree of Colorado Certified Dealer Partner. Portable holding tanks […]

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