EarthCruiser to Escape the Blacktop, RV Kitchen Storage and 10 Things to Do before Heading Out in your RV

EarthCruiser to Escape the Blacktop!

Many RVer’s love ‘boon-docking’ for a week or more but where you go boon-docking is dependent on your RV and its capabilities. By the way, for non-RVers, boon-docking is a term used for getting off the road and camping away from civilization and enjoying mother nature.

Of course most RVs will let you get off the road a bit in some places but, if you are really looking at getting way off the road and doing some adventure RVing you’ll need a vehicle built specifically for that. On this episode, Jeff shows us the EarthCruiser, an RV designed exclusively for Extreme RVing.

Jeff has an opportunity to meet with Lance Gillies, founder and CEO of the company. He learns all about the EarthCruiser and sees just what goes into building these rugged off-the- road adventure vehicles.

Originally designed and built in Australia, Gillies moved his operation to Bend, Oregon a few years ago in order to service the fast growing U.S. market. Needless to say, that market demand continues to grow. With three models to choose from including a truck camper model, Earth Cruiser is poised to help set the pace in Extreme RVing.


Kitchenware Solves Storage Challenge

Jeff shows us Nautical Scout Collapsible Cookware

If you’re a current RVer, you know this, and if you’re looking to get into RVing, note…. Storage space in an RV is at a premium, especially in the kitchen area.

No matter how often companies brag about all the storage space they offer, it’s always ‘never enough’. So you have to plan your kitchenware according to how much space you have.

Jeff shows us a line of collapsible kitchenware by a company called Nautical Scout. As the name implies… it was designed for boat owners who, believe it or not, have a lot less space to work with than RVers. So, we thought, if it works great for boaters, heck, it has to be something RVers should be looking at. Check out this diversified line of kitchenware and imagine the space you could save with it!

10 Things To Do Before you Head Out – RV Education 101

Mark Polk of RV Education 101

When it comes time to head out on your next RV adventure, many RVers are in a panic, crunch-time mode getting everything ready to get out and get going.

This week, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us 10 things you can do ahead of time to help you get ready for your next RV vacation.

These tips will get you going quicker and with less last-minute stress. Besides, RV vacations are suppose to be relaxing, fun and help you get away from stress, not create it….. right?

Enjoy the show!


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