Why Are We Embracing this new Journey?

Everyone who RVs or Camps has their own particular reasons. These are a few of ours. I would LOVE to hear yours.

To Explore

We’ve discovered that we love taking dirt roads to find out where they lead. In Arizona, we have a Jeep Liberty we call Louise. She’s a 2005 and has served us very well in the last few years! When Laurie, Rue and I take off on an adventure out there we are looking for those out of the way places to explore.

One day, we took the dirt road to Mingus Look-out in the Prescott National Forest. The summit was still closed but there was an interesting road off to the right. Of course we took that. Here is the rest of THAT story! You’ll also see a short video of the scariest road we have every taken, where Laurie had to put rocks in front of the tire so we wouldn’t bottom out!

There are so many places like this to explore. But we don’t want to use Louise up. Yes, she’s a Jeep but we want to keep her going a long time. And a Liberty isn’t the same as a Wrangler. Sooooo we started thinking. What can we get that will enhance our off-roading AND get us further in a day? The answer? A good off-road vehicle that, coincidentally, pulls our ‘bed’!

To Photograph

Laurie and I have both dived into the photography field. She is still very passionate about it. I’m content to drive and let her take pictures and write about our stories. I’ve had a Nikon Coolpix, then a D200, D80 and finally a D90. Then the mirror broke. Laurie went from a Nikon D40 to a D80. She’s planning her next Nikon which she’ll get before we head out in September or October. This new one will have a video component to it which will be very handy!

Decades ago I was married to a wonderful man. We had a motorhome which he drove and took care of. I knew nothing about that part! He and I would head out with the motive of just getting somewhere pretty so I could step out of the camper at sunrise and photograph! Once we were on a river’s edge, another time at Cape Anne. I remember the wonderful feeling of just being in the place and absorbing it through the camera lens. I want Laurie to have that same feeling of wonder and being able to take her time.

Now, Laurie will photograph and I will write the story. Same feeling of wanting to be in these beautiful interesting out-of-the ordinary places.

To Learn a New Skill

Life is about learning. We want to learn to be very effective and efficient campers. This time we will both learn how to pull a trailer, back-it up, hook it up and all that entails. We’ve never even pulled a trailer, either one of us! But we will practice a lot!

We recognize, especially on the West side of our country, we should have protection. Another skill we will learn is something I never dreamed I would do! Learn how to use and carry a firearm.

To Learn How to Boondock

This is a skill too! I saw a very interesting video about using Google Earth to find BLM land (Land owned by the Bureau of Land Management). It seems there is much more BLM land on the side of the country that is less populated.

We need to learn how to be self-contained, use solar panels. We’re starting with an excellent quality camper and we are blessed to belong to great RV groups now. We also have very knowledgeable friends in the industry, so good stuff to work with!

Life is Short! Enjoy it!

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