Gulf Stream Coach, Carefree of Colorado and Living with 30 amps

Gulf Stream Coach

In today’s business environment, especially the RV industry, it’s hard to find a 35-year old company that still operates under the same ownership, never mind the same family. Gulf Stream Coach just happens to be one of those exceptions.

Gulf Stream Coach started back in 1983 by Jim Shea Sr. We learn some of the obstacles the company went through getting started back in those early years of the RV industry. They started with a small seven-man crew who designed and built two motorhomes and one travel trailer in a matter of weeks in time for the big Notre Dame RV Show in South Bend, Indiana. Needless to say, the units were a hit with RV dealers attending the show and as the old saying goes, ‘The company hasn’t looked back since’.

Located in Nappanee, Indiana, Gulf Stream Coach is now run by Jim’s son, Dan Shea. It’s large sprawling facility now employs a few hundred people, many who have been there for over 20-years, and one that’s been their since the first day 35- years ago.

We had an opportunity to talk with Scott Pullin, one of the company’s original seven man team and now Vice President of Operations. Scott filled us in on the challenges the team faced getting started and how the company has progressed since then.

We had a chance to tour the motorized RV production lines and actually see how they build the Conquest Class C and BT Cruiser motorhomes which include a lot of hidden features you can’t see once the floors and wall are in place. Check it all out on this week’s show.

Carefree of Colorado

As the saying goes, “You’re not camping until the awning comes out’, which we know is really true. Just ask any RVer. There’s something about being under that awning that adds a lot of comfort to the RVing experience and Carefree Of Colorado takes that very fact very seriously. The company has over 30-patents related to RV awnings and that is one of the reasons they are the industry leader in RV awning innovation.

Another reason that Carefree is in the forefront of this industry is that awnings and awning accessories are their only business and not just a department of some large corporation. That impressed us.

We got the opportunity to get an inside look at what goes into making Carefree awnings. There’s a lot more to making an awning than I thought. First off, it begins with the material or fabric. There are various types of vinyl and acrylics in various weights. Then there are the various colors and patterns available to customers. Then there are options for LED lights and the list goes on and on. Then there are the various models you can select from with each one filling a specific need.

We were impressed with the operations involved in making an awning, some of which we couldn’t show because… remember those patents the company holds? Well some involve special machines and operations that competitors are still trying to figure out.

So we’ll let it go at that. But what we do show you will give you a good idea of what goes into building Carefree awnings.

RV Education 101

This week Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us why living on 30-amps involves a little planning and self discipline.

Being out in an RV is not quite like being at home where having 50-amps and running a toaster and air conditioner is not problem. But once you know the rules and maybe after a few trips to the circuit breaker, you’ll get the hang of it. And once you do….. you won’t even think about it again. Check out Mark and Dawn’s tips and suggestions. You’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation. After all, isn’t that why we like learning from the pros?

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