Jayco Jay Feather, a Hawaiian Brewery and Top 7 Consumable RV Items

Jayco Jay Feather Hybrid and more

Small travel trailers have been around, in one form or another, since RVing came into existence. There are pop-up type models, soft-sided tent type models and the most familiar one, the hard-sided trailer.

But did you know there was a Hybrid model trailer that came into existence even before the Toyota Prius? And like its automotive counterparts, it offers a lot more in functional space than its hard-side competitors.

This week, Jeff Johnston heads out for a few days of camping in the Jayco Jay Feather hybrid trailer and quickly understands the sudden popularity with this model trailer. When you look at the actual ‘foot-print’ of this Jay Feather model, it’s rather compact and you would wonder just how this trailer would offer 2 queen size beds and still have any interior space left for living. This is where the word ‘hybrid’ comes into play. The front and rear walls of the trailer open up like a ‘tent type’ trailer which expands the sleeping area outside the original 4-walls of the trailer. And, these canvas pop-out sections offer a lot more to the camping experience as Jeff shows us in the story. Light, maneuverable and comfortable, the Jayco Jay Feather Hybrid may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Hawaii, RVing and more

Also on this week’s program, you don’t often associate vacationing in Hawaii and RVing, but, when you think about it, they go hand in hand. What better way to explore the Big Island and see all its beauty than in an RV. Another consideration of why an RV is a great option is.. cost. Just like RVing in the mainland, you don’t have to deal with hotels and expensive hotel meals, etc. You travel, stay and eat when you want, on your terms.

Of course seeing the island and experiencing what it has to offer is why you’re there and one local place you should have on your agenda is the Mahana Brewery. This award winning local craft brewery is the perfect place to stop, visit and enjoy some local beer. I think this was one of Jeff’s favorite stops.

Top 7 Consumable Items

Later in the show, there are certain items that we constantly use up every time we head out on an RV adventure. Can you guess any of them? This week we join Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 and find out what are the Top 7 Consumable Items you should have in your RV.

These stories and more on this week’s episode of Rollin’ On TV.

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