Mark & Dawn Polk bring RV Education 101 to Rollin’ On TV

A lot of people have turned their love of RVing into a lifestyle and career, but I don’t know anyone that has done it more successfully and created such an impact on RVers than Mark and Dawn Polk. Their RV Education 101 has made more new RVers and even semi experienced RVers at ease in knowing how to operate and properly maintain their RVs than any other single source out there.

If longevity is a sign of doing things right, then RV Education 101 has nailed it right on the head. Started back in 1999, Mark realized that the orientation and information dealerships were giving their RV buyers was ….. well lets say, not sufficient and may new RVers left with their new units with many more questions than when they started. At that point, Mark started looking at a better way to get new RVers, better educated and more comfortable with their RVs so they could enjoy their new lifestyle a ‘little more comfortable’ in knowing how everything worked and functioned. Since then through their videos, seminars and ebooks, Mark and Dawn have made literally thousands of RVers better educated and competent in handling and maintaining their RVs.

Now, we’re happy to announce that Mark & Dawn will be joining our ROTV family later in January and bringing their knowledge and experience to our viewers and readers on our web site and on special ROTV episodes

So if you’re thinking of buying an RV or already own one but, not quite sure you learned everything about your RV ‘correctly’
then stay tuned and get ready to learn from one of the RV industries favorite and most respected couples.

To give you an idea of what RV Education 101 is all about, watch this introductory video.

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