Meet DIY Extraordinaire, Pippi Peterson and RV Education 101 Shares Driving Tips

Meet DIY Extraordinaire, Pippi Peterson

Jeff Johnston records Pippi Peterson installing an RV Power Awning

Jeff Johnston records Pippi Peterson installing an RV Power Awning

Our sponsor, Carefree Of Colorado, contacted us about a young lady in Arizona that was installing a new power awning herself and asked if we thought there was a story there. The young lady turned out to be non other than, RV DIY extraordinaire, Pippi Peterson. Our answer… heck yes. It wasn’t long before we had Jeff on a plane and off to Arizona.

Jeff caught up with our Marketing and Communications Director, Michelle Fontaine, and Laurie Church who live in Arizona during the winter. Together they headed over to Pippi’s location.

Lots of people do small DIY projects on their RVs but installing a complete power awning system is not a project ordinary RVer’s would tackle. But then, Pippi is no ordinary person.

Give her a set of tools and she’ll pretty well tackle any project as Jeff soon found out. The entire project took a couple of days and Pippi was happy to have those extra hands and bodies available when it came to lifting and setting the awning.

To see how the project went and learn more about Pippi Peterson, you can watch her 2 part installation of the awning right here on the right of this web page.

New Thetford Smart Tote 2 LX Contest

Also on this week’s show – if you remember, last year we did a feature on the Thetford Smart Tote ll portable holding tank where Jeff and Andy Balorucki from Thetford showed us the new model Smart Tote ll.

During the show, we launched a contest where we gave away a bunch of Smart Tote ll LX model tanks. Because the response to the show and contest were so overwhelming, we decided to rerun the story and launch a whole new contest. So check out the story explaining the Smart Tote ll LX and then click on the contest link and enter.

The contest starts July 1st and we’re giving away six Smart Tote ll LX model portable holding tanks, one each week during the length of the contest. Here are the contest details!

RV Education 101 Shares Driving Tips

Plus, we really enjoy our friends Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101. If you’re new to RVing, you’ve got to check them out. They are veteran RVers who have made RV Education 101 the best way of learning virtually everything you ever need to know about buying, maintaining and operating your RV.

This week’s episode is from their RV Driving and handling series and shows us all about, ‘Reference Points’, how to set them up and properly use them.

You can view many other articles from Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101 on our website here.

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