R-Pod Review, the Sani-Con Turbo Unit and How to Avoid Bad Camping Experiences

R-Pod Review

As we have been saying, smaller trailers are all the rage now. This week we wrap up our look at this small trailer category (for now), with a feature on the Forest River R-Pod. Jeff Johnston picked up a new R-Pod at George Sutton RV in Eugene, Oregon and headed out for a few days of real-life testing this nice looking trailer.

Like a lot of products, sometimes just clean, basic design is what makes people like an item, and that seams to be the case with the R-Pod. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the round, canned ham’ shape that has endured for years. Apparently, judging by sales, people still love that classic round look.

Of course being a small “ultra-lite” trailer you can tow the R-Pod behind virtually anything with a trailer hitch and, with the extra ground clearance, it will go just about anywhere your tow vehicle can take you.

Even though this trailer has a small footprint, you would never know it on the inside…especially when you open up that good-size slide out. By now, most of you are familiar with Jeff’s honest reviews and when he likes something…. You can bet it meets a lot of his quality and functionality standards. Check the R-Pod out for yourself and see if you agree with Jeff.

Sani-Con Turbo Unit

OK, RVing and camping are a lot of fun but….there’s one chore that no one likes doing on an RV and that is, emptying the holding tanks. Well, our friends at Thetford have made that job a whole lot cleaner and easier with their Sani-Con Turbo unit. This week Jeff shows us exactly how this unit works and how it makes this unpleasant chore a lot simpler.

Check out the story. Quick Note: The Sani-Con Turbo is now available on all new Jayco products as a dealer installed option. Check with Jayco or your dealer for all the information.

Avoiding Bad Campground Experience

I’ve heard some stories from RVers about bad campground experiences. Yes, some are definitely the campgrounds fault, but in many instances, if the RVer had taken a couple of precautionary steps, the bad experience may not have happened. This week, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 give us their tips for a happy campground experience. Check them out and see if you’re following these tips.

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