Introducing Rollin’ on Live

Always keeping up with the latest media trends, Rollin’ on TV introduces Rollin’ on Live!

One of the most important things for any company to do is to keep in touch with its customers, or in our case, viewers. When Facebook introduced Facebook Live video in April 2016, our social media director was paying close attention to it. As it evolved into a stable live video platform receiving lots of exposure by Facebook, we decided to utilize it as one more way to connect with you!

Jeff Johnston, ROTV’s Associate Producer, has 30 years in the RV industry. He has written for Motorhome magazine and Trailer Life magazine and has been involved with Rollin’ on TV for 10 years. He’s an RV pro who can answer most any questions related to RVs or the show.

Rollin' on Live with Jeff Johnston

Jeff’s Rollin’ on Live Facebook segments are currently being aired on Wednesdays at 5pm PST, 6pm MST and 8pm EST. The show will be every other week starting January 25th.

Here is our collection of Rollin’ On Live shows for your convenience. The questions answered are also posted for quick reference.

He’s ‘on’ for 30 minutes or more, depending on the audience. All you need to do is go to our Facebook Page during the show time and you’ll be able to ask Jeff questions while he’s on. If you miss the show, still leave your questions and he’ll answer them probably in reply to them on Facebook and also live during the next show.

It’s not often we can ‘speak’ directly to an expert in the field and get quick answers. Social Media makes that possible now in brand new ways!

Here’s a sampling of questions Jeff has recently received and answered on the show:

  • Scott – How often should you get your rig caulking redone?
  • Ross – I’ve seen a product by Anderson for leveling. Its like a half moon that you back on to level. Have you seen them? My concern is they don’t seem to be as wide as the tire. Would this cause some tire problems?
  • Laurie – We want to buy a large fifth wheel trailer and need a new tow rig. Do we need a dual-rear-wheel pickup? We prefer a single rear wheel if possible.
  • Eric – When is the best time to buy an outgoing year rig?

Once the live show is over, it becomes a recorded video so you can still enjoy the great info Jeff gives us. We encourage you to collect up your RV related questions and hop on to interact with Jeff on Rollin’ on Live!

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