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     Rollin' On TV Magazine - June 2017

Upcoming Program with Pippi Peterson, a DIY Rver

New Rollin' On TV Season to begin soon

New Season As we wrap up our current 6 week rerun season, watch for the new 6 week season starting the week of July 2nd ... more

entering Taliesin West

Entering Taliesin West – photo by L. Church I noticed the sign to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West as we ... more

9 Hot Weather RV Preventive Maintenance Checks

Hot temperatures can take a toll on your RV, inside and out. In this article I would like to offer 9 hot weather RV preventive maintenance ... more

The SylvanSport Go - Watch for our Upcoming Review

One of our upcoming Rollin’ On TV shows is going to feature the SylvanSport GO, the most unusual set-up we’ve ... more

EarthCruiser to Escape the Blacktop, RV Kitchen Storage and 10 Things to Do before Heading Out in your RV

EarthCruiser to Escape the Blacktop! Many RVer’s love ‘boon-docking’ for a week or more but where you go boon-docking is ... more

Watch for our upcoming Segment on Pippi Peterson, a DIY Full-time RVer

On a very hot few days in Mesa, Arizona, the Rollin’ On TV team of Jeff Johnston, Michelle Fontaine and ... more