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Ms Barlow, co-host of Rollin On Live


July 12th

  • My roof separated from the aluminum strip that holds it down and wood is a little rotten underneath.
  • Other than chains and locks, any thoughts on how to keep our generator from getting stolen?
  • How to turn your extinguisher upside down and tap on it with a rubber mallet.
  • And the winner this week is.... Brian Dunigan!

June 21

  • Will antifreeze harm my water heater?
  • Will air bags help my sagging truck when towing?
  • Is Rhino Eco-Coat® roof coating good on older unit?
  • Is a spoiler wind-resistance worth it?
  • Will high altitude have an impact on horsepower and GVWR?.
  • And the winner this week is.... Steve Renna!

May 31

  • Can I put larger tires on my trailer?
  • My RV furnace is stuttering.
  • My Atwood hot water heater turns off.
  • Are single or double paned windows better?
  • Can power stabilizer jacks be used for leveling?
  • Will an RV frig work if rig is not level?
  • And the winner of this week's question is...Tom Smith!

May 17

  • Announcement of the big Carefree of Colorado Awning Winner
  • New Contest to start July 1st
  • A San Diego Destination Spot
  • Thoughts on travel trailer with 3500 GVWR limitation
  • How much is a new rubber RV roof?
  • How to find our show

April 26

  • Should I store my slider in or out?
  • Does a 5th wheel hitch have a life span?
  • What are your thoughts on a Murphy Bed?
  • I was told I had to stop at a weigh station. What are your thoughts on that?
  • Jeff answers these and more on this episode of Rollin' On Live

April 12

July 6th

  • How much room is needed for a 5th wheel between the bedliner and the trailer overhang?
  • We have A Jayco Alante 31 -
    what kind of steering stabilization should we get?
  • Can I change my 30amp to 50amp service?
  • Where can I find parts for a Carriage RV since they are out of business?
  • And the winner this week is.... Michael Sullivan!

June 14

  • My motorhome battery is discharging too much.
  • My older motorhome can't get tv reception.
  • Is a 3k generator enough to run a 13.5k air conditioner?
  • How to check & clean rust on RV frig.
  • Where to check for insect nests.
  • How to deal with connection corrosion.
  • And the winner this week is.... Bob Zagami!

May 24

  • Best way to prep new water/waste system
  • New shows and new contests
  • How much should a 150' 30 amp extension cord cost?
  • My 5th wheel hitch makes popping noise
  • Best way to set up friction sway control
  • What is proper tension for weight distribution hitches?

May 3

  • How do I get rid of funky water smell?
  • Cleaning black water holding tank tip
  • Do RV hot water tanks have an anode rod in them?
  • I have a 33' 5th wheel trailer - can I install a hitch receiver for a removable platform?
  • Can making RV modifications affect value?
  • Where can I install a 2nd fire extinguisher?

April 19th

  • What is your favorite RV type and size?
  • Is there any way to get out a scratch from a gel coat smooth side?
  • Comment about rubber cracking on valve stems
  • Rear view camera question
  • Question about a rating stamp
  • Gate valves tight - can they be fixed?

April 5th

Congrats to our Rollin' On Live Contest Winners!

Michael Sullivan won a pair of our mugs AND a Righty-Ro T-shirt!

Steve Renna won a Carefree of Colorado Ground Blanket with his answer of Shasta!

Bob Zagami won a set of mugs with his answer of Aqua-Kem!

Tom Smith won a set of our Rollin' on TV mugs for his answer of Can Ham!

Tom Smith tells us they use their ROTV mugs every morning!

Jennifer Eccleston won a set of our Rollin' on TV mugs!

Adam of Point Lookout, NY won a set of our Rollin' On TV mugs!

Marshall Cavit won the Carefree of Colorado Power RV Awning!

Carefree of Colorado RV Power Awning Winner

James P. won a Carefree of Colorado ground blanket!

"Once again thank you guys for choosing me as a winner ... The Pettaway family is grateful ... James"