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August 9th

  • My RV frig is having trouble getting cold enough. Help?
  • When dry camping some of our plugs didn't work, all on one side.
  • Question regarding moisture inside the RV.
  • Is it true that leaving RV frig on will extend the life of the frig?
  • Gray tank smells like rotten onion. Help?
  • And the winner this week is.... Brent Fike!

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Two Gals and a Dog will be indulging, and telling you about them!


July 26th

  • What kind of tools should I bring in my tool kit?
  • Should I be careful about purchasing special TP instead of regular TP?
  • Which braking system would you recommend?
  • I want to install a 40amp fan.

...And More

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On this show, Jeff refers to the Vintage Cruiser in his driveway which will be featured in an upcoming show. Here is a fun look at one set-up shot. Now you'll know what went on behind the scene to make nice distilled lighting inside.

There is also a fun clip on how he got it up the steep driveway here. One can get pretty ingenious when one needs to!

...And More!

New International friends

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"During our Vintage Cruiser trailer shoot for Rollin' On TV we had a campfire meeting with some new friends from Russia, Belaruse and Ukraine. We agreed, the citizens of all of our countries need to stop listening to our respective government propaganda machines and understand that we’re all pretty good people. It was definitely a terrific evening and meeting these kinds of fun people is one of the best things about travel and camping by RV."


July 12th

  • My roof separated from the aluminum strip that holds it down and wood is a little rotten underneath.
  • Other than chains and locks, any thoughts on how to keep our generator from getting stolen?
  • How to turn your extinguisher upside down and tap on it with a rubber mallet.
  • And the winner this week is.... Brian Dunigan!

June 21

  • Will antifreeze harm my water heater?
  • Will air bags help my sagging truck when towing?
  • Is Rhino Eco-Coat® roof coating good on older unit?
  • Is a spoiler wind-resistance worth it?
  • Will high altitude have an impact on horsepower and GVWR?.
  • And the winner this week is.... Steve Renna!

May 31

  • Can I put larger tires on my trailer?
  • My RV furnace is stuttering.
  • My Atwood hot water heater turns off.
  • Are single or double paned windows better?
  • Can power stabilizer jacks be used for leveling?
  • Will an RV frig work if rig is not level?
  • And the winner of this week's question is...Tom Smith!

May 17

  • Announcement of the big Carefree of Colorado Awning Winner
  • New Contest to start July 1st
  • A San Diego Destination Spot
  • Thoughts on travel trailer with 3500 GVWR limitation
  • How much is a new rubber RV roof?
  • How to find our show

April 26

  • Should I store my slider in or out?
  • Does a 5th wheel hitch have a life span?
  • What are your thoughts on a Murphy Bed?
  • I was told I had to stop at a weigh station. What are your thoughts on that?
  • Jeff answers these and more on this episode of Rollin' On Live

April 12

July 6th

  • How much room is needed for a 5th wheel between the bedliner and the trailer overhang?
  • We have A Jayco Alante 31 -
    what kind of steering stabilization should we get?
  • Can I change my 30amp to 50amp service?
  • Where can I find parts for a Carriage RV since they are out of business?
  • And the winner this week is.... Michael Sullivan!

June 14

  • My motorhome battery is discharging too much.
  • My older motorhome can't get tv reception.
  • Is a 3k generator enough to run a 13.5k air conditioner?
  • How to check & clean rust on RV frig.
  • Where to check for insect nests.
  • How to deal with connection corrosion.
  • And the winner this week is.... Bob Zagami!

May 24

  • Best way to prep new water/waste system
  • New shows and new contests
  • How much should a 150' 30 amp extension cord cost?
  • My 5th wheel hitch makes popping noise
  • Best way to set up friction sway control
  • What is proper tension for weight distribution hitches?

May 3

  • How do I get rid of funky water smell?
  • Cleaning black water holding tank tip
  • Do RV hot water tanks have an anode rod in them?
  • I have a 33' 5th wheel trailer - can I install a hitch receiver for a removable platform?
  • Can making RV modifications affect value?
  • Where can I install a 2nd fire extinguisher?

April 19th

  • What is your favorite RV type and size?
  • Is there any way to get out a scratch from a gel coat smooth side?
  • Comment about rubber cracking on valve stems
  • Rear view camera question
  • Question about a rating stamp
  • Gate valves tight - can they be fixed?

April 5th

Congrats to our Rollin' On Live Contest Winners!

Norm Tyche who says he is a 'Big Fan! won a pair of our mugs. Congrats and thank you Norm!

Michael Sullivan won a pair of our mugs AND a Righty-Ro T-shirt!

Steve Renna won a Carefree of Colorado Ground Blanket with his answer of Shasta!

Bob Zagami won a set of mugs with his answer of Aqua-Kem!

Tom Smith won a set of our Rollin' on TV mugs for his answer of Can Ham!

Tom Smith tells us they use their ROTV mugs every morning!

Jennifer Eccleston won a set of our Rollin' on TV mugs!

Adam of Point Lookout, NY won a set of our Rollin' On TV mugs!

Marshall Cavit won the Carefree of Colorado Power RV Awning!

Carefree of Colorado RV Power Awning Winner

James P. won a Carefree of Colorado ground blanket!

"Once again thank you guys for choosing me as a winner ... The Pettaway family is grateful ... James"