3 School Buses Transformed Into Functional And Mobile Homes

1. Meet Architect Hank, and his Final Thesis Bus Project.

Designed by Hank, an architecture student, this is a 225 square foot home inside a school bus. Although the space in limited and the layout is predetermined, there are still lots of variables. As you can see, there’s plenty of living and storage space inside.

Hear his very interesting story of how this project became his final architecture project for his college thesis. He designed the interior in 15 weeks to meet his deadline. The final presentation was fantastic and critics encouraged him to continue the project.

Hank felt passionate about this project and planned a 5000 mile journey with the redesigned bus. Here is Hank’s travel journal.

2. Zack and Annie converted this old school bus into a beautiful modern RV for full time living.

They did a great job, and GoDownsize shows us around this beautiful tiny home on wheels:) This old school bus is filled with light, built-ins and clever storage solutions. If you think you can’t live small because you have too many things to store, then check out how Zack and Annie built in storage everywhere in this very unique bus conversion. If you want to follow Zack, Annie and their dog on their adventures, then check out their blog:)

This transformation is our favorite with double desks and more.

Part tiny home, part mobile office, and part equipment garage, take a tour of this massive adventuremobile! Here is a tour of Michael Fuehrer’s converted Tony House school bus. Millennials tell us they want desk space and want to bring their toys, so here you have it!

It’s nice to see old buses get repurposed. And it can be a huge money saver if you’re handy! Happy Bus Hunting!

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