Two Gals and a Dog – Our RV Journey

liquid gushes out

Our very first black and grey tank dump happened this past weekend. All was going well until Laurie unscrewed the ... more

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Two Gals and a Dog will be indulging, and telling you about them!

Where does this go?

Yup, it happened. The two new girls in our lives got ‘hitched’… finally! Cagney and Lacey get hitched We delivered the truck to RVs R ... more

Lacey and Cagney Meet - Next they get Hitched!

Once Lacey, our new Lance 1575 travel trailer, made it to our home in Douglas, MA it was then time ... more

Lacey - Lance 1575 - has Arrived!

Anthropomorphism, the personification of inanimate objects, goes way back into ancient storytelling and traditional fables. So, we pondered… what should we call our new Lance ... more