Two Gals and a Dog – Our RV Journey

Why RV? For these Gals, it's About Dogs, Toys and Friends!

We met Kelly Quinn and Kara Anderson through our Two Gals and a Dog Facebook page. Sometimes you get a ... more

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Two Gals and a Dog will be indulging, and telling you about them!

Connecting with our RV Dealer friends

When people ‘RV’, hooking up with friends becomes a reason to be somewhere, but this hook-up was particularly amazing to us. We bought our Lance ... more

RVing Women Rally

‘Ho Ho Ho, and a Bottle of Rum’….Laurie, Rue and I, as Two Gals and a Dog, recently joined RVing ... more

Laurie and Rue at computer in Lacey

RV travel we shall.. but NOT without the Internet! Having good Internet access is important to most RVers. Working with Rollin’ On TV and other ... more