Two Gals and a Dog – Our RV Journey

Laurie and Rue at computer in Lacey

RV travel we shall.. but NOT without the Internet! Having good Internet access is important to most RVers. Working with ... more

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Two Gals and a Dog will be indulging, and telling you about them!

An Intimate Review of the Lance 1575

We spent 3 solid weeks traveling cross-country in our new Lance 1575. There were two short ventures out before this trip but this one really ... more

Good Times but What about that 'Voltage Sag'?

‘Roughing’ it in Lacey We’ve held off purchasing outside cooking equipment so far for Lacey and we had run out ... more

Covered Bridges from Cheshire County, NH

One of our goals on this RV weekend was to video and photograph the 6 covered bridges of Cheshire County, NH. Such a beautiful New ... more