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Two Gals and a Dog are Michelle, Laurie and Rue who are exploring our country with their Toyota Tacoma and Lance 1575 (Cagney and Lacey) and reporting back on cool stuff they find and their RV experiences.

In Search of the Internet – an RV Newbie Experience

Laurie and Rue at computer in Lacey

RV travel we shall.. but NOT without the Internet! Having good Internet access is important to most RVers. Working with Rollin’ On TV and other clients makes it pretty darn important to me. So, as we started our journey crossing this wonderful country of ours, having Internet access was a high priority. There are many […]

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An Intimate Review of the Lance 1575


We spent 3 solid weeks traveling cross-country in our new Lance 1575. There were two short ventures out before this trip but this one really put the Lance 1575, and Michelle, Laurie and Rue, through their paces! As cautious and nervous RV newbies, we stayed mostly at KOA’s across the country from MA to AZ, […]

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Liquid Gushes from RV Sewer Tank – Yikes!

liquid gushes out

Our very first black and grey tank dump happened this past weekend. All was going well until Laurie unscrewed the cap to the tanks. Out spewed liquid! The levers were closed so we were flabbergasted as to what the liquid was and if we’d get in trouble with the campground maintenance guy, etc. We pondered […]

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Lacey and Cagney get Hitched

Where does this go?

Yup, it happened. The two new girls in our lives got ‘hitched’… finally! We delivered the truck to RVs R Us on Monday night and learned they also needed the trailer to hook them together. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but being clueless, I was. That meant our very first pulling of the trailer would be […]

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Lacey and Cagney Meet – Next they get Hitched!

Lacey meets Cagney

Once Lacey, our new Lance 1575 travel trailer, made it to our home in Douglas, MA it was then time to acquire Cagney. We had decided on a Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Our motivations has always been to have a great off-road vehicle and, coincidentally, a bed to pull along behind it. Trying to track […]

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Lacey – Lance 1575 – has Arrived!

Michelle and Pam finalize paperwork.

Anthropomorphism, the personification of inanimate objects, goes way back into ancient storytelling and traditional fables. So, we pondered… what should we call our new Lance travel trailer. It, and the truck we’ll get next will be a unit, so what two women come to mind who are strong, human and well-known to our generation. Cagney […]

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