Vintage trailer court takes tourists back in time

Rollin’ On TV is always happy to find a great Vintage RV destination and The Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court is a great fit! It’s long and epic journey began in 1927 as a place to provide trailer and camping spaces to weary travelers along the famous Highway 80, which stretched from Savannah, Georgia to San Diego, California.  Like its more famous brother Route 66, Highway 80 was a center of travel, exploration and family getaways in the early portions of the 20th century.  Today, the trailer court is a nice mix of practicality and vintage fun-seeking for travelers.


Bisbee, Arizona is near and dear to Michelle and Laurie of Two Gals and a Dog, the Bisbee of today is a well-known artist’s community whose architectural and historic heritage has been preserved. We particularly enjoyed the Art Deco style buildings. Located at the center of the natural and historic beauty of Cochise County, the city has transformed itself into the ideal spot for tourism. At the time we visited we stepped back in time and stayed in one of the historic hotels. We plan to visit there again, this time with our RV. It reminds us a bit of Jerome, AZ, with its hilly streets and copper history. We have even toyed with the idea of moving to that area in the future, as our winter home.

So we think this would be a perfect place for Rollin’ on TV to review, don’t you?

Matt York, Associated Press, writes— Visitors arriving at the neon-illuminated office of the Shady Dell trailer court enter a kind of time warp, transported back to the 1950s when big Studebakers and Chevys rolled up carrying road-weary travelers, their trailers in tow.

Decades later, that mid-century feeling endures at this southern Arizona tourist stop.

Lined inside with warm woods, vintage aluminum travel trailers manufactured under names such as Airstream, Spartan Royal Mansion, Airfloat, Boles Aero and El Rey populate the tidy trailer court with gravel paths and small lawns. But the trailers, rather than the spaces, are for rent, like hotel rooms.

The trailer windows glow a soft amber hue after dusk, and tiki torches and neatly hung strings of multicolored lights circle a small bandstand outside. Once-popular songs from 1950s vinyl records crackle over a loudspeaker throughout the park just 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Founded in 1927 as the Thompson Motor Court and renamed Shady Dell in the 1950s, the rest haven nestled in the copper mining town of Bisbee was a frequent stop for motorists along Highway 80 during the golden age of American automobile travel.” Read the rest of this story and see a slideshow here.

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