Winter Hot Spots

gulfofmexicoOne of the shortest spots for RVers and anyone looking for some warmth and sun in the winter are the Gulf Coast states which include Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.

All these states offer miles of coastline, white beaches and countless campgrounds, RV parks and activities to fill most everyone’s lifestyle. From secluded beaches with small rustic RV parks, to large, modern RV resorts, the Gulf Coast has it all. And when it comes to activities, they have it all. If you like nightlife and excitement you’ll find casinos in most these states. If you’re into fishing, boating or just enjoying the beach, you’re bound to find your next favorite spot somewhere along this expanse of coastline.

Best thing is, get on your computer and start checking out each one of these states and what they have to offer and get Rollin’ On down there. Hey! what’s the worse thing that can happen… if you don’t like your first choice, heck you’re in an RV, just pickup and head on out to another spot. One thing for sure, there’s plenty of locations to choose from.

And while you’re down their soaking up some sun and local refreshments, think of us that are stuck up north working on putting the next episode of Rollin’ On TV together. (Of course, we could put a sunlamp in the edit room!

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