If You’re Serious about Off-Road Rving.. Check Out The EarthCruiser!

From one extreme to another. We’ve been talking about small RVs being a big thing now. Well, how about we head in a different direction? Say serious off-road RVing.

EarthCruiser Off-Road RvingComing up on our new season Jeff Johnston heads over to Bend, Oregon and checks out the EarthCruiser, an RV designed for extreme, global RVing. Here’s a tiny video from our Facebook page on the EarthCruiser from Jeff.

EarthCruiser Off-Road RvingAlthough this RV is designed for extreme off-road use, I can’t help but think the attention you would get driving this to the local market or even pulling into your favorite campground. I would say, get ready to answer a lot of questions. Watch for this story coming up in April.

Keep in mind that we are in our scheduled re-run period. The new season starts April 9th and we have some interesting shows coming up.

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