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RV Essential Items for Every RV Trip

When you go camping there are nice to have items and what I refer to as essential items. Here are my top 5 RV essential items you won’t want to be without when you arrive at your favorite camping destination. Surge Protector To help protect the RV’s electrical system use some type of surge protector.…
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Rollin On TV visits Austin Texas – An RV Resort, Steak House and More!

Austin, Texas is covered in this January 12th  Rollin On TV program, Jeff Johnston began 2017 as one of our many upcoming RV Destination features. This week, Jeff visits Austin, Texas and particularly the hill country around Austin. As with any RV adventure, you need to find a place to park that RV once you’re there…
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Meeting the Winner of the Truma AquaGO System and More on this Rollin On TV show

On this week’s show we find ourselves in Tucson, Arizona where the Rollin’ On TV Crew and Truma team meet up with Bruce Smith, the winner of our AquaGo contest.

Jeff Johnston caught up with Bruce and Billy DiDonato from Truma at the La Mesa RV Center where the AquaGo installation is being done. When everyone arrived, Bruce’s Grand Design Reflection 5 th wheel was already in the service bay and ready for the work to begin.

Bruce said he has been RVing for about 2-½ years now and has owned the Reflection for just about a year. Needless to say, he is familiar with how regular RV hot water systems work and can’t wait to use the AquaGo with its Instant, Continuous and Endless hot water.

Scott Thwaits, La Mesa Service Technician and Billy DiDonato from Truma performed the installation in no time at all. Now, Bruce can’t wait to get out on his next RV trip in a couple of days and, try out the AquaGo… We’re sure he will be delighted.

Also on this week’s show, we revisit the Jayco factory and tour the assembly line to see what goes into building their popular Alante’ class A motorhome.

Then we join Jeff Johnston as he takes out the Alante’ for a few days and does one of his ‘real life’ reviews.

Later, we find out that the old saying, ‘you can’t have your salad and desert together’, or something like that, isn’t true any more. Evanne Schmarder proves that saying wrong, with her delicious Apple Pie Salad. Watch the show and check it out for yourself… this is one crazy but delicious dessert.

How to Rent an RV… and More on this Rollin On TV show

[embed][/embed] (NOTE: We're sorry to learn that the Fire-Stick is no longer being offered- see bottom for details). With spring virtually around the corner, so to speak, many of you are thinking about when to take that precious vacation time this year. It’s also time to think about what kind of vacation to take. Well,…
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Thom Thumb Trailers – Exact Replicas of Rod & Reel Can Ham Trailers

Thom Thumb Trailers

In this Rollin' On TV show Jeff Johnston checks out the brand-new Thom Thumb vintage trailer.

So, you’re asking, is this a vintage trailer or a new trailer? The answer is both. Now don’t mistake this new-vintage trailer as a ‘retro type trailer’ where the whole trailer is made with modern technology, amenities and materials and just given a retro look. No way!

The Thom Thumb trailer is built exactly like an original 1950 Rod & Reel can ham trailer, which Thom Underwood, the gentleman behind these trailers, used as a reference point.

Let’s backtrack here a bit so you understand how this whole thing came about. Thom Underwood, who lives in Aumsville, Oregon, has been a long -time restorer of vintage and classic cars. So he knows what authenticity is all about. One day he purchased an old 1950 Rod & Reel trailer in hopes of restoring it. As he got into the project he realized that the trailer was too far gone to restore. So the next step for Thom was, build an exact replica. Which is what he did. After completely dismantling the original trailer, he started making exact-replica components from as close to exact materials as he could find. And he fabricated all the pieces himself, even the window frames, latches and other parts... to exact specifications. Why, he even made the ice box (yep… no refrigerator), to original specs but with additional insulation to hold ice longer. Remember the old propane lights in these trailers? Well this trailer has that feature also.

I could go on and on describing this awesome vintage trailer, but the best thing is watch the story and see for yourself.. As for me, I admire talented craftsmen and the skills they have and seeing what Tom has built here….. I’m floored. Do watch the story, and I’m sure you’ll agree. And who knows, you may want one for yourself, but keep in mind, he has a waiting list. For more information visit Thom Thumb Trailers .

Also on this week’s show, Jeff shows us how anyone can have great television reception virtually anywhere with the Winegard “Carry-Out’ portable satellite TV antenna. It’s easy to set up and in minutes you can be watching your favorite game or other programs. And the best thing, they are not that expensive.

And, sometimes the word ‘healthy’, 'camping' and 'great on-the-road-food' don’t go together but, as Evanne shows us you can make some delicious chocolate pudding from... Avocados! I’m not kidding. We showed you this surprising dish and recipe before and we still keep getting inquiries about it, so…… here’s an encore of Evanne’s Avo-Chocolate pudding.