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Lance 1475 Trailer Review, New RV Frig Replacment and RV Connections

Lance Camper 1475 Lance Camper started building truck campers way back in 1965 and has always had the reputation of turning out some of the best designed and highest quality truck campers anywhere. A few years back, Lance decided to get into the small travel trailer market and did so with the same goals in…
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Boosting Your RV Cell Service

The availability of good cell phone service while on the road is crucial in deciding if and how you will plan your RVing. One way to start getting better cell phone reception is with the installation of a cell-phone booster. This week, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us how relatively easy…
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RV Destination, Lake Chelan, Oregon

Lake Chelan AreaIt’s not hard to see why Lake Chelan, and the surrounding area, is one of Jeff’s favorite destinations. Here you’ll find four seasons, wine, sun and natural beauty that will please any outdoor adventurer. The lake encompasses 50.0 miles and is surrounded by vineyards, orchards and mountains while having that welcoming small town charm.

There’s plenty to see and do. If you’re into boating or fishing, you’re in the perfect location. Whether you bring your own boat or rent one, a day on the lake will surely be an enjoyable for the whole family.

Lake ChelanThe Kamei Resort Campground is just a few miles away and located on the tip of Wapato Lake. This location is slightly more rustic in nature and also offers plenty of fishing and watersports activities.

Even more rustic, another location you might like is the 25-Mile Creek State Park which has 21 RV spaces with the maximum RV length being 30-feet. No matter where you choose to stay in the Lake Chelan area, I have a feeling once you do, it will soon become one of your favorite destinations also.

Combining Work with Full-Time RVing

I’ll bet you’ve heard it or even said it a few times… “Gee it would be nice if I could pack up an RV and head out across the country and still do my work”. Well, now, more than ever, you can. With today’s communication technology more and more people are working from their homes,…
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Popular Trailer Towing Accessories

As you know, whether it’s boating, hot rodding or any number of things you can get into, there are always items you need or ‘just want’ to enhance your new hobby or lifestyle and RVing is no exception. Just ask anyone who has gone out and bought a new trailer. There are a lot of…
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Thom Thumb Vintage Trailers

Today, if you enjoy the vintage look or lifestyle you have a few options you can take to get into vintage RVing. The first option - buying a restored vintage trailer or finding an original one and getting it restored. Whether you do it yourself or have a restoration shop do the work, it will take a while but when it’s done you’ll have a true vintage trailer.

Now, if you really like the vintage look but would like some more modern amenities than the old original units offered, you have another option. Get a new “retro model’ trailer that has all the look of a vintage model but with all the modern running gear and amenities of current model trailers. And, now there is a third option…. You can buy a new / vintage trailer from Thom Thumb trailers. Located in Sublimity, Oregon, Thom Thumb Trailers is the brainchild of Thom Underwood.

Thom has always been into classic and vintage car restoration and it was when he decided he wanted a vintage travel trailer that things started getting interesting.

He located an old 50s Rod and Reel trailer to restore, but after seeing the condition the old trailer was in, he decided to build a new, identical model right down to the original type screws. Everything on this trailer is virtually, handmade to the exact same specs as the original parts. Why, even the wind-down frames are handmade just as they were back in the 50s.

I could go in writing all about this new masterpiece but it’s better to watch the story and see for yourself. Let us know what you think about this beauty….

What about that ‘Voltage Sag’?

We've held off purchasing outside cooking equipment so far for Lacey and we had run out of propane because we didn't check to see if the frig had turned over to electric when we plugged in. So many lessons we've learned even in our short time (as of this writing 8 days total) on the…
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