Jeff Reviews Lance Truck Camper 1172 and more!

Lance 1172 Truck Camper

RV TV Show, LanceEven though truck campers make up a small spectrum of the whole RV market, they do make up a serious segment of RVer’s who are into truck campers and are a very dedicated and loyal group. If you think I’m kidding, just check out the latest issue of Truck Camper Magazine.

As many of you know, Jeff Johnston is a truck camper aficionado and when we asked him about doing a segment on the new Lance 1172 model, he was all over it. In doing this review, Jeff picked up the camper at the Lance factory in Lancaster, California and headed out to one of his favorite locations to do RV reviews.. the Trona Pinnacles located in the California Desert National Conservation area. Not only is this one of Jeff’s favorite spots but also a favorite location for major movie producers.

Lance, RV TV ShowLance truck campers have long been referred to as the Cadillac of truck campers and for good reason. They’re extremely well built, (some might say ‘over built’), they are great looking units and they have all those extra little things that Lance adds for convenience and ease of maintenance that most RV builders seem to overlook. The 1172 model is the largest truck camper that Lance builds and if you were blindfolded and stepped inside one, you would think you were in a much larger travel trailer. In other words, when it comes to space, comfort and convenience this beauty has it all. Speaking of beauty, this particular 1172 comes with the special exterior mural graphics package that can best be described as subdued elegance. Be sure to check out this segment and let Jeff show you what this Lance 1175 has to offer. For additional information and specifications visit Lance Camper.

Desert Oasis Campground

RV TV ShowWhat makes a certain campground a favorite destination? To many RVer’s it’s having luxurious manicured lawns, swimming pools and lots of pre-planned activities and that’s just fine for some folks.

For others it’s getting away from it all in nature and enjoying what Mother Nature put there. Well that’s just what Michelle and Laurie from Two Gals And a Dog learned when they visited the Desert Oasis Campground, located just outside Bisbee, Arizona. The name says it all… Desert Oasis and that’s just what owner Paul Harrington has built here and as many RVer’s will say, “this is what camping was meant to be’.

RV TV ShowAs you’ll hear from Paul himself, this highly rated Good Sam campground has everything you need for comfort and convenience, but without the artificial frills many campgrounds thrive on. Here, the beauty comes from the natural desert environment and Paul works hard to keep it that way.

And when Michelle and Laurie say they can’t wait to get back there, I’d say he’s built an oasis, which, after this show airs, will be getting a lot more campers that appreciate this type of serene beauty. Check out the story and tell us what you think.. for more information on the Desert Oasis Campground.


RV Education 101, Rubber Moldings and Seals

RV Education 101, RV TV ShowIt doesn’t matter if you have a pop-up trailer, teardrop travel trailer or motorhome, they all have one thing in common…. They all have rubber moldings, seals and gaskets. And with that said, these often overlooked seals and gaskets get very little attention until you start getting water in your RV.

Do you realize that even the smallest tear or crack in a gasket or seal when going down the highway at 40mph will start sucking water into your storage compartment or even worse, your living area. Guess what? Now you’re forced to replace that seal before you get some major water damage. This can all be illuminated if you do a periodic check of all the rubber components in your RV. If you do find a worn or ripped molding, changing it is relatively easy as Mark Polk shows us on this week’s RV Education 101 segment.

Check it out, then go outside and check out your RV moldings and if you need new trim, visit Steel Rubber. You can also check out more of Mark and Dawn's RV education videos and books at RV Education 101 .

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