Meet Lisa of Vintage Trailer Magazine and more!

On this week’s show we meet Lisa Mora, founder and publisher of Vintage Trailer Magazine. Jeff Johnston spent a day with Lisa and learned how her love of vintage trailers and hot rods combined with her love of adventure and travel all come together in the pages of her magazine.

Lisa shares, “I ended up buying an old trailer in a trailer park and proceeded to renovate it into my very own tiny dream home. To my own surprise I was blissfully happy there. It was then that I realized that I hadn’t needed all that “stuff” to be happy at all!

I hit the road as often as I could and started meeting other people who were doing the same thing with old trailers (or caravans as we call them in Australia) and started my blog: My Dream Home is Portable. My editor, who had initially said: “Lisa, nobody else but you is interested in old caravans”, was soon asking for more articles about them as readers loved reading about these cute little rolling homes like mine.

RV TV Show, Vintage Trailer MagazineIn 2012 whilst attending Hot August Nights in Reno I spotted a cute little aluminum bubble-shaped trailer for sale at the Salvation Army store opposite the Swap Meet that would change the course of my life.

I bought her right there and then, and named her “Rosie”. She now comes with me to events and on massive road trips all around America. I have had more fun traveling around this beautiful country than I could have ever imagined.

Vintage Trailer Magazine, RV Television Show In 2014 I decided to make my move here permanent and got my house in Oregon. I sold my Australian caravan “Vicky” and used the money to buy myself a blue 1953 Hudson Hornet that I call “Doc Hudson”. I have travelled the entire length of Route 66 six times so if you have seen the Disney movie Cars, you will know why I chose that name.

RV TV Show, Vintage Trailer MagazineMy Rosie is a 1949 Crown and is only ten feet long but she has everything I need to make me happy and sustain me for long stretches on the road. The Hudson has a 350 Chevy engine with a Turbo 350 automatic transmission so any breakdowns are usually simple repairs that I look on as opportunities to linger in a location and meet more interesting people. "

Read more of Lisa's contributions to Rollin' On TV here.

To order Vintage Trailer Magazine go to: and be sure to use the code ROTV for a special discount. Also available at Barnes & Nobles bookstores across America.
Digital versions also available at:

RV Tech Tip - RV Gas Stove Caution

Jeff Johnston shows us how easy it is to get ourselves into a dangerous situation if we’re not careful around an RV gas stove.

RV TV ShowIt’s amazing how quickly a simple thing can turn into a dangerous situation when we least expect it. This is what happen to Michelle and Laurie (Two Gals and a Dog) during a recent trip to get some RV maintenance done. Luckily, Jeff Johnston happened to be around and found the problem before anything happened.

Come to find out, one of the maintenance personnel while working inside the trailer must have brushed up against the RV stove and unknowingly turned on one of the knobs. This went unnoticed until everyone arrived back home and quickly smelled the odor of propane coming from the trailer. Once they got the door open it was obvious that the leak was coming from inside the trailer and upon further examination found the open knob.

Problem solved before anything serious happened, but a lesson learned about being careful and checking those gas stove knobs anytime you or someone is working around the stove.

Five Common Trailer Towing Mistakes

Plus, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 fill us in on some very common towing mistake made by many RVer’s.

RV Education 101, RV Television ShowOn this week’s show Mark Polk from RV Education 101 shows us five common RV trailer towing mistakes you should be aware of and how to avoid them. If you’re new to towing, this will be a great segment to learn from. And, if you have been towing a trailer for a while, this could be a great opportunity to see if you have been doing anything wrong. Don’t think that because you’ve been towing a while and have had nothing happen means you’re doing everything right. It could mean, you’ve just been lucky. For more information on this subject or anything else to do with RVs and RVing visit:

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