2018-14 – RAM 1500 Pickup Review, RV Pre-Trip Checkups and a ‘Bircher’ Healthy Delicious Treat

RAM 1500 Pickup Review

Every year when the new truck models come out, so does the list of performance claims and exciting new features. Some true and some…. Lets say marketing and advertising agencies are great at throwing out claims that they know most ordinary people won’t challenge.

RAM 1500 reviewWell, Jeff Johnston is no ordinary person. With over 30-years of doing truck and RV reviews he know fact from fiction. That’s why when Jeff does a review on a vehicle, you can bet you’re getting an honest, professional opinion that you can take to the bank.

This week, Jeff sets his sights on the new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup which is designed to be a mid-range tow vehicle. To do this review, Jeff hooked up a new Forest River Surveyor model travel trailer that weighed in around 6,000lbs. Not a heavy load but enough to put the Ram 1500 to the test. The 1500 can be set up to tow as much as, 12,750lbs depending on equipment and options.

SurveyorThe Ram 1500 comes with a hemi-engine and 8-speed automatic transmission that, (as you see in the story) is more than enough to get you up to speed, even towing a trailer in no time.

With great looks, a comfortable cabin and loads of modern safety and entertainment features the Ram 1500 is a great mid-range tow vehicle to consider. Watch the feature for Jeff’s full review.

RV Pre-Trip Checkups

When getting your RV ready for your first trip of the season, (or for that matter, any trip), do you have a checklist to make sure you check everything on the RV? If the answer is no… then you may end up being one of those statistics we see broken down along the side of the highway.

This week, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 go over the checklist they use before hitting the road. Are all these items on your list? For more information, tips and how-two’s for your RV visit www.rveducation101.com

Food and Beverage… “Bircher”

Finding new and different things to serve your family and friends while out camping and RVing can be a challenge for most of us. Thank goodness, Evanne Schmarder can help solve that problem with her unique food ideas.

This week she shows us how to make a light refreshing and healthy dessert, or breakfast treat called “Bircher’. Evanne picked up this recipe while RVing in Australia a few years ago and has been making since.

Basically it made up of, nuts, grain, fruit and a dairy product like yogurt. It’s relatively simple to make and I can almost guaranty that everyone will enjoy it. For this recipe and others, visit the Food and Beverage section of our website.

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