Trailer Sway Control System Review

If you already own a camping or travel trailer then you already know this and if you’re looking at buying a trailer you’ll soon learn that trailer sway isn’t always a problem. But under various circumstances it can become a big problem and having the right sway control system is a good idea. Recently we learned about a sway control system manufactured by Tuson RV Brakes, LLC and decided it would be a great opportunity to put this system to the test. Jeff reached out to the company and had them send out one of their sway control systems. Even though an experienced person could install one of these systems, because it is an electronically controlled system, the company recommends having an RV dealer or an RV service center do the install, which we did. Once installed Jeff and the couple that own the trailer headed off for a fairly long ride along the Oregon coast. This particular route was perfect to test how the system worked. This route combined both two-lane and four-lane travel with quite a few hills and curves, which allowed for some great opportunities to test the system. Besides Jeff, Mike and Leslie Pranger , the couple that own the trailer and tow vehicle, took turns driving so we could get a good idea, based on different drivers, how each of them felt the system worked. The interesting thing (we didn’t know at first) is that Mike is also an engineering manager for Daimler trucks and is familiar with the sway control system used on their big trucks so he was a perfect person to analyze this Tuson Sway Control System. So what were the results of this test? How about a unanimous 'thumbs up' from everyone. Watch the full story right here on this week’s show.

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