2018-17– Today’s Toy Haulers, Great Local Campgrounds, Safe Water Tips and More!

Today's Toy Haulers

Toy HaulerThis week, Jeff checks out three different size toy haulers in three different price ranges, from a smaller entry-level unit to a high end larger model at Jeff's friendly RV dealer, Sutton RV . Check out this story and who knows, you may just decide that a toy hauler is just what you need.

Toy haulers have been around for almost as many years as there have been trailers. But back in the old days, the term ‘toy-hauler’ meant just that. It gave RVers a means to haul their dirt bakes, quads and even golf carts to their events or destinations and also gave them a place to eat and sleep.

Over the years, toy haulers have gradually got bigger and more luxurious but until the last half dozen years, were still mainly used by people with toys. Well now that has changed. Today, RVers are finding that a toy hauler offers a lot of flexibility as far as additional space and the use of that space.

Voltage Toy HaulerTake that garage area. At first it was simply the ‘garage’ where everything was stored. Now once the toys are out of the garage, you have fold-down couches, and overhead electric powered beds that drop down to create a good size, comfortable sleeping area. Some garage areas even have a bathroom and small kitchen area.

Voltage Toy HaulerAnother useful area that was ignored until recently was the tailgate. Before it was simply used to load and unload the garage area. Now that same tailgate can be lowered flat with the garage area and has railing that folds up to create a good size, off the ground patio. Try doing that with a normal trailer. So as you see, a toy hauler can offer a lot more flexibility and space beyond just hauling your toys.

Great Local Campgrounds

Walker Island Campground, Chester, MAThere are times when you just don’t want to drive half day or more to find a great campground for a short camping trip. Michelle and Laurie from Two Gals And A Dog wanted to get away for just a few days and didn’t want to waste a half day getting there so with a little research, they found the Walker Island Campground and it was only a couple of hours from their home. Actually, they enjoyed it so much they even spent an extra day.

Walker Island Family CampgroundJoin Michelle and Laurie as they show us around the property and all the activities you can enjoy there and in the surrounding area.

Next time you’re thinking about getting away for a couple of days, do check around and you may be surprised how many nice locations you can find less than a tank way. More at WalkerIslandCamping.com 

RV Education 101 and Safe Drinking Water

Safe Potable WaterHaving clean, safe drinking water is a prime concern for everyone these days. With RVs this should even be a bigger factor to take into consideration since you don’t know what the water quality will be like where your heading.

This week Mark and Dawn Polk for RV Education 101 explain to us all about RV water filtrations systems and what you need to know about them.

You can learn more about RV Education 101 by visiting their website at:

Win an All Expense Paid Trip to the RV Capital of the World!

Win a Trip to the RV of the Year Taping and much more!Also on this week’s show, we explain how you can win a free trip to Elkhart, Indiana, the ‘RV Capital Of The World’, and join the Rollin’ On TV staff at the taping of the 2019 RVBusiness Magazine RV Of The Year Awards Show, and that’s just part of what the winner will receive.

Check out this segment and get ready to enter this exciting contest.

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