2018-19 – Two Gals Get Into Hot Water, Trailer Back-up Tips, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Two Gals And A Boston Brood get in Hot Water

This week, we catch up with Michelle and Laurie from Two Gals and A Boston Brood at La Mesa RV Center in Tucson, Arizona. Why they’re at La Mesa RV is an interesting story and probably a good lesson for many other RVers that travel to southwest during the winter.

When you are from Massachusetts where winterizing your RV is a no-brainer, it seems that many people forget when they’re in states like Arizona that it does get cold in many areas at night and if you don’t use your trailer for a week or so, you should at least drain the water from your heater (I think you’re starting to get the picture here).

With a new Lance trailer less than a year old, Michelle and Laurie learned the hard way about draining their heater in Arizona and froze their fairly new factory unit. Normally that would mean $$$$$$!

Well, our Two Gals lucked out. Since they work with Rollin’ On TV and Truma is one of our sponsors, the company decided to send out one of their tech reps and had him bring along a new Truma AquaGo Comfort hot water heater to install in the Lance. I’m sure most of our viewers are familiar with the AquaGo, but in case your not, the AquaGo isn’t just an instant hot water heater, not by a long shot. The AquaGo is and instant, continuous and endless hot water heater. Look at it this way, if you have an endless water source and power, this baby will continue pumping out hot water till you 'turn into a prune'.

We joined Michelle, Laurie and Billy DiDonato from Truma and watched how relatively easy it is to install the new AquaGo unit. In most cases it fits right into the old hot water heater opening and it’s just a matter of hooking up all the hoses and wiring.  Truma does recommend having a professional RV mechanic or dealer ship do the install. Or you can visit one of Truma’s service centers located in various areas of the country.

Check out this install and learn all about the new AquaGo Comfort unit and if you or someone in your RVing family loves nice showers, you may be adding one of these on your Christmas wish list. For more information visit ……..Truma

RV Education 101 - Tips on Backing up your Trailer

Nothing can get more frustrating or embarrassing if there’s a crowd around than having problems backing up your trailer. This is especially true if you’re a new RVer. Not to worry, eventually you’ll master it, but a good way to master it sooner is to get some good lessons or tips from a pro.

This week Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us some simple tips to make the backing up chore a little easier. Check out the segment and see for yourself.
I’m sure you’ll pick up a couple of pointers. For more information on anything to do with RVs and RVing, visit RVeducation101.com

Food and Beverage - Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

This week Evanne Schmarder invites us into her RV kitchen for a delicious Buffalo Chicken sandwich. And this recipe is so fast; I didn’t even see her grill the chicken. Actually, she didn’t. She cheated and bought a pre-roasted chicken. Come to think about it, it’s really a good idea. What the heck, if no one knows you didn’t cook the chicken …. I won’t tell.

Anyway, Evanne shows us her personal way of making a kicked –up chicken sandwich that will please any of your guests. And another nice thing is there are no pans to clean up. Watch how Evanne prepares her sandwich then head to the nearest supermarket and grab a roasted chicken and have at it. Find more recipes in our Food and Beverage section,

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