2018-20 – Rally on the River, a Great Cleaning Product and RV Living on 30 Amps in This Show

Rally on the River - Part 1

Jeff introduces us to Brownsville, Oregon... located in the foothills of the Cascades in the mid Willamette Valley, just off I-5. Brownsville is a quiet, picturesque town, set back in time. Here, vintage and classic homes abound.

The town grew through logging and agriculture and is best known for the major role the town played in the movie Stand by Me. The town now hosts its annual Stand By Me day which is a celebration of local civic fun.

Brownsville is also now known as the annual location of the Rally on the River, an event where rare vintage RV trailers and motorhomes come together to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded vintage RV lovers. It is held in the city park and, this year, just under 100 vintage RVs came together to enjoy it.

Jeff speaks with Wade Long, the organizer of the rally. Wade fills us in on more of the details.

It's a family oriented event and includes lots of kid-friendly things like the decorated bicycle and pet parade, and the pie eating contest, There's also a dance and barbecue.

It's dry camping and full of activities to get people together. Lots of fun!

Vintage RVs are a specialized field and Jeff speaks to industry expert Lisa Mora, the publisher and editor of Vintage Trailer Magazine. Lisa explains one big difference between vintage trailers and classic cars. Often, with classic cars, it's about how much money you put into it, whereas, with vintage trailers, it can be about how it is decorated that makes it stand out.

Lisa guides us to a vintage Serro Scotty. The owners have restored it back 'to the day'. At 975 lbs it pulls like a dream, according to owner Barb. She explains how they chose all the elements inside. This 'teeny cutie' has one special feature. Be sure to watch it to see what that is!

A second trailer is visited that is a work in progress. It's a 1958 Oasis. Hear the owner tell us about what has gone into it thus far!

The coverage of the Rally on the River is in two parts so stay tuned for part two coming soon!

Two Gals Discover ProtectAll

Later, Laurie, of Two Gals and a Boston Brood, extols the virtues of something she received in the mail while Michelle was visiting her mom in Arizona.

Once she started using the product, she couldn't stop! She loves it!

I mean, it's a good thing the dogs aren't extra shiny!

When she called Michelle excitedly to tell her about ProtectAll and what she was using it on in the house, we knew it would make a great segment for our audience. Read more on our Two Gals and a Boston Brood here.

RV Living with 30 Amps

Then, Mark Polk, of RV Education 101, gives us a little math lesson... How to live with 30 amps in your RV. How do you know which devices or appliances you can use before you trip that circuit. Make your life a bit simpler by understanding how to live with 30 amps.

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