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Dutch Oven Beans, Potatoes and Sausage with Beer Bread

Dutch oven beans, potatoes and sausage. Jeff uses his handy briquette chimney fire. Cut up 3 small potatoes into bite sized chunks. Chicken bratwurst sausages in to 4 chunks each, little olive oil in the pan. It doesn't take much as the sausage has its own goop in it. He likes chicken sausage as it…
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An RVer’s Guide To Washington DC

This article we came across does a great job describing how an RVer can enjoy Washington DC. There are enough of we RVer's who are very cautious about exploring big cities with our RVs. The author, Liz Wilcox, tells her readers, "Going to Washington, D.C. is an incredible experience. Traveling there in an RV can…
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These RVers Are Traveling The U.S. To Help Dogs Find New Homes

We love their humor too! Check out 'When you dog gets bullied at the dog park!' "Two guys and their six rescue dogs are driving across the US in a unique Class C RV to help bring awareness to local animal shelters. Lee Asher and his friend/videographer Luke started The Asher House after a successful…
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The Nest..Life before Airstream

While doing various stories on our show, every so often certain stories have a tendency to rejuvenate themselves in one form or another. Such is the story we did a few years ago on a new lightweight trailer called the “Nest”.

I know what you’re thinking; yes the Nest is manufactured by Airstream…. Now!
But the original idea and design originated a few years back by a gentleman named Robert Johans who at the time was the CEO and President of Nest Caravans.

Robert took a ride with the Nest in tow to meet up with Jeff Johnston where Jeff did the first story on the ‘original Nest”.

Goes to prove that not all great ideas originate from large companies. Check out this story and compare the original Nest with the New Airstream Nest. There are some changes. Watch for an upcoming story and review on the Airstream Nest.

Chicken, Bean and Beer Chili for your next Camping Crowd

Jeff and Pam share this easy to make, and obviously delicious... chicken, bean and beer chili! Ingredients include an assortment of beans, rotisserie chicken thighs, Moose Drool beer (or white wine if you prefer), potato chunks, corn and spices. If you've got a crowd to feed and want something pretty darn easy and satisfying, do…
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13 Best Beach Camping Spots

Now that summer has arrived for most of us, we often turn our thoughts to the majesty of beaches... the waves, sun glistening, sandy beaches, collecting shells, eating fresh seafood... When we find something particularly interesting, we enjoy sharing them with you in our  'Things that Caught our Eyes' portion of the website. So here…
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Check out this Adorable Egg-Shaped Camper

This caught our eyes this week. What an adorable camper... inside and out. 'There’s a subset of tiny houses that include mobile tiny houses, and the Barefoot Caravan fits the bill. It almost looks like something our grandparents might have had hooked up to their cars, but apparently they do make ’em like they used…
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The 1940’s Inspired Decoliner by Randy Grubb

What fun this segment was to produce! Randy Grubb, of Grant's Pass, Oregon, is an automotive artist who obviously loves his 'work'! He designed and created the Decoliner which we cover here. "Randy was born in Glendale, CA, and inherited the confidence to pursue his Hot Rod obsession at an early age. His father taught…
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Don’t Look for VW’s Grand California in California

If you remember back, VW was in the small van business for a while. It had its Westfalia Weekender that were really way ahead of the popular class B trend going on now. Look's like VW is stepping up their game with this new model California... According to this article in Car and Driver, "Bigger…
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