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RV Campground Tips

If you know where you will be staying it’s a good idea to make campground reservations in advance. With a reservation there will always be a site waiting for you when you arrive. Plan to stop traveling while there is still plenty of daylight to set-up and get settled in at the campground. When you…
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Food and Beverage… “Bircher” Desert

Finding new and different things to serve your family and friends while out camping and RVing can be a challenge for most of us. Thank goodness, Evanne Schmarder can help solve that problem with her unique food ideas. This week she shows us how to make a light refreshing and healthy dessert, or breakfast treat…
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RV Pre-Trip Checkups

When getting your RV ready for your first trip of the season, (or for that matter, any trip), do you have a checklist to make sure you check everything on the RV? If the answer is no… then you may end up being one of those statistics we see broken down along the side of…
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Ram 1500 Pickup Review

Every year when the new truck models come out, so does the list of performance claims and exciting new features. Some true and some…. Lets say marketing and advertising agencies are great at throwing out claims that they know most ordinary people won’t challenge. Well, Jeff Johnston is no ordinary person. With over 30-years of…
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Harvest Hosts – a New Contributing Partner

As Joel explains, traditional campgrounds can be, well, boring. That's why he and his wife Mary purchased Harvest Hosts - it's a very untraditional way to RV!

Since they purchased Harvest Hosts from former owners Don and Kim Greene, who built an amazing company and community, they look forward to continuing the tradition of connecting their wonderful members with wonderful hosts!

Recently Good Morning America interviewed the Hollands. And they were also guests on the RVing in New England Facebook Live hosted by Bob Zagami and John DiPietro.

We welcome Joel and Mary as content producers for Rollin' On TV! Each month we'll share content from Harvests Hosts with you. And, once we catch up with these avid RVers in their Grand Design, you'll be introduced to them on an upcoming Rollin' On TV show.

So, be sure to keep an eye out for interesting information from these new owners of Harvest Hosts and watch for their purple wrapped Grand Design on the road!

Luxury RV can carry a smart car inside its garage

For our RVing friends who love the space of a Class A but don't necessarily love towing a 'toad', check out this Class A with a garage built in!! The most over-the-top amenity of the Palace is the rear garage. With enough room for smart cars or motorcycles, the garage lets you bring a small…
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How to Spend a Day at The Country Music Hall of Fame

It doesn’t matter whether you are a super fan of Country Music, a die-hard Rock and Roller, or claim some other genre of music as your “ride or die”, you can’t help but LOVE the Country Music Hall of Fame! If you hang out in any museum devoted to music long enough, you figure out…
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Easy RV Parking on the Ohio Turnpike

Sometimes, all you need is a place to park your rig for the night. We know Walmart are an option which Laurie and I have used, but it still feels a bit illegitimate to us, like we are sneaking a place for the night. Yes, we know that is not true. And a Walmart parking…
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