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Just My Cup of Tea!

Did you know that there is only ONE tea plantation in the entire United States of America? It’s true! The Charleston Tea Plantation, located just south of Charleston, South Carolina on Wadmalaw Island, producers of black and green tea, holds this very distinction! Upon learning that this working tea farm hosted complimentary tours, as well…
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Cold Weather RV Camping Tips

We enjoy using our RV as much as possible throughout the year. Sometimes that means a cold weather camping trip in the RV. These trips can be lots of fun if you and the RV are prepared to deal with the cold temperatures. Here are a few tips to help keep you warm during those cold weather camping trips.

The RV forced air furnace is your first line of defense for staying warm in the RV when temperatures plummet, so it’s important to make sure the furnace itself and everything related to it are in proper working order. The RV furnace needs electricity to operate, whether supplied directly from the RV batteries or through the converter when you are plugged into 120-volt AC power. The other component the furnace needs to operate is LP gas.

The first thing I do before a cold weather RV trip is make sure the LP gas cylinders or tank is full, and the battery is serviced and fully charged. The RV furnace will consume more LP gas and deplete the battery quicker than other appliances, so these simple steps are essential. Other RV furnace tips are to make sure the return air grill is not blocked and the heat ducts are open and clean. Some RVs use flexible heat ducting and it can get bent or crushed when packing supplies where the ducting is exposed, like under dinette seats, so be careful when loading supplies and periodically inspect the ducting for any damage.

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To help supplement heat from the RV furnace we take a couple small thermostatically controlled electric heaters with us. Make sure you purchase heaters that pose no threat of a fire and will turn off automatically if they are accidentally tipped over. These small heaters work great and help save on LP gas when you are plugged into a 120-volt electrical source, or when using a generator.

Caution: Never use the range top burners, the oven, or a portable fuel fired heater (propane, kerosene, butane) inside the RV for heat. Carbon monoxide gas is colorless, tasteless, invisible and deadly.  Any source of heat not vented outside is extremely dangerous and can be deadly.

When you are camping in cold weather the key is to keep the heat in the RV. You can start by selecting a site where you get plenty of sun during the daytime and where the RV has some protection against wind. When it’s cold and windy outside the cold air will find a way inside the RV. Some RV windows have dual pane glass to assist with insulation, but many don’t. Simply closing window blinds, or day/night shades can help keep the heat in the RV.
Make sure you take extra warm clothing and blankets along on the trip. There is nothing like a pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, warm socks and a blanket to help stay warm when it’s cold outside. Don’t forget to pack the electric blanket too; it does wonders on a cold winter night in the RV.

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Annual Rally on the River

Jeff introduces us to Brownsville, Oregon, a bit off Interstate 5. Brownsville is a quiet, picturesque town, set back in time. Here, vintage and classic homes abound. The town came into existence due to logging and agriculture and is best known for the major role the town played in the movie Stand by Me. The…
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Snowbirders find Tucson Perfect

Snowbirders find Tucson Perfect! This is the time of year that many RVers head to warmer weather. This week we join Evanne Schmarder in Tucson... and what a great place to start - at the Tucson Visitors Bureau with Dan Gibson, Director of Communications for 'Visit Tucson'.  There is plenty to do and see in…
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BMW designed a lightweight camper with The North Face’s new high-tech fabric

BMW's Designworks division has designed a tent trailer using a new fabric developed by The North Face called Futurelight that it says is the “most advanced, breathable, waterproof material.” It’s made through a process known as nanospinning, which creates nano-sized holes the fabric that keep water out, but allow air to permeate. According to The…
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Forest River NoBo, Batwing awning

On our most recent feature shoot for Rollin’ On TV we took out a pair of very different No Boundaries, or NoBo, trailers by Forest River. The smaller of the two, the 10.5, is like a teardrop on steroids as opposed to a fully self-contained RV, and the larger, the 19.5, is a conventional RV.…
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Introducing Two Gals and a Boston Brood

Laurie has had Boston Terriers since 2000. She's had Dunkin, Harry, Murphy, Trixie, Sallie, Rue. They were all shown in the Boston Terrier show ring (except for Dunkin). When I came along, Trixie and Sallie were the first two Boston's I'd ever known. When they went to doggie heaven we were lucky to be offered…
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Planes, Trailers & Automobiles

I recently made a quick visit back to Texas; a state that, with its vast acres of aridness, reminds me a lot of Australia. Even the Texans, with their outspoken, gregarious ways are in many ways similar to Australians so I always feel right at home in the Lone Star State. Having driven over 30,000…
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The Bowlus Road Chief is a Standout with Deep Historical Roots

Among the sleek new versions of travel trailers aimed at tech-rich millennials and well-heeled boomers, the Bowlus Road Chief is a standout with deep historical roots. More than just a shiny piece of eye candy for the road, this sleek construction with Art Moderne lines is filled with 21st-century comforts. Think heated floors, charging stations…
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Winnebago launches All-Electric Vehicle

Emissions-free RVs aren't wishful thinking any longer, but don't expect them to be popping up on any neighborhood driveways this summer. Iowa-based Winnebago Industries this week announced the launch of an all-electric commercial vehicle platform. The zero-emissions Class A vehicle will be available in 33-foot and 38-foot lengths and can weigh up to 26,000 pounds. Right now,…
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