2019-03 – Ocean Camping at Myrtle Beach, Storing your hitch and Replacing Worn Seals

Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC

This family owned ocean-front campground was built in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 1959.  At 19 years old, Don suggested to his dad that they build a campground. The state park was overflowing. So, they were the first campground in Myrtle Beach of its kind as it offered electric and water at the sites. Now Lakewood Camping Resort has about 1900 sites of all types and offers water parks, entertainment, miniature golf, paddle boats on their pond, and all kinds of wonderful amenities as well as a lot of ocean front to enjoy.

As Don says, 'A camper is a family where the dad enjoys being with mom and the children.' Camping has changed a lot over the years. Don tells us campers have changed too. Some want ocean front, some want sunshine and grass. One new trend is pull-throughs, everyone wants a pull-through site. And the rigs are much bigger with 2 or 3 tvs and air-conditioners.

Historically, this is some of the last land on the continental United States on a major highway that doesn't have high-rises, where you can let the children run and walk and bike and be with their friends in a safe camping environment.

Hurricanes are nothing new to campgrounds on the ocean, especially in the Carolinas. Don tells us their experience with two, Hazel and Hugo. As he says, 'Well, you just get busy and clean up. The first day you open everyone comes back because they love the ocean and this campground.'

Many of the staff have been there for decades and the renters also return for generations. Listen and watch many fascinating perspectives about this loving hard-working family who created and still run the Lakewood Camping Resort.

An option to store your Weight Distribution parts

Setting up camp can be great fun and part of the set-up is storing your weight distribution hitch spring bars and the hitch.

You can put it inside your trailer storage compartment or your truck.... OR... here is a new idea. The new EZStorHitch gives you a nice place to put these items. Watch as Jeff shows you this very handy item!

Learn more about the EZStoreHitch here.

Replacing worn seals on your RV and more

Mark from RV Education 101 replaces worn parts on his project RV.

When your RV is exposed to elements for extending periods of time, fading and cracking occurs. Today we are going to replace some of the plastic components of the RV that are beyond saving. After inspecting all the plastic components, we saw the damage was pretty significant. After a thorough inspection we purchased our replacement parts. Watch as Mark shows you how these parts are replaced.

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