Review of the Viair Portable Tire Inflator

Mark: I'm excited to review today's product because it's a topic near and dear to RV owners. For years, I have discussed the importance of checking and adjusting the inflation pressure in your RV tires. This needs to be done when the RV is taken out of storage, before leaving on an RV trip, and while you're traveling. One problem is finding a portable air compressor capable of inflating some RV tires like ours.

And another problem is where to store the compressor in the RV because of its size. I have dealt with these issues and the issue of moving the air compressor in and out of the garage for a long time now, but this Viair portable tire inflator could be the answer to all of these problems. That's what we're going to discuss, demonstrate, and test today.

As an RV educator and RV owner, I struggled for answers and a solution to finding a small, portable air compressor capable of inflating the tires on our RV.

I don't recommend using air compressors at gas stations for two reasons. One is they are abused and you don't know if the inflation pressure is accurate. And two is if you check the tire pressure when the tires are hot, you get inaccurate readings, which can be dangerous.

Viair reached out to me asking if I was interested in reviewing the 450P-RVS' portable air compressor. I said I would be interested, and after some research, something I really like is Viair has a line of portable air compressors specifically designed for RVs.

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