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2019-13 – Vail Colorado, Solar Panels and Towing Tips!

On this week’s show, we’ll join Jeff Johnston as he visits Vail, Colorado a fantastic RV destination both in the summer and in winter. As Jeff shows us, there’s plenty to see, do, drink and eat at this fun filled location. Also, with so many RVers wanting to get off the grid now, having ample…
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Welcome Infinity Woven Products as Rollin’ On TV Branded Sponsor

We are delighted to announce the addition of Infinity WovenProducts as our newest Limited Branded Sponsor.

Infinity, with corporate headquarters located in Dalton, Georgia, produces Luxury Woven Vinyl (LWV) flooring for a multitude of applications ranging from commercial, residential, marine and RV.

(LWV) benefits include being heavy traffic rated, lightweight, and easy-to-clean. It’s cushioned vinyl backing provides long-lasting relief and support while providing any space with the look of luxury.

With all these features, it’s easy to see why (LWV) has been taking the RV industry by storm and can now be found in numerous high-quality RVs.

We look forward to working together with Warren McCrickard, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, on some upcoming RV interior renovation and customizing projects featuring the company’s (LWV) flooring.

Rollin’ On TV can be seen on numerous television stations and Sports Networks throughout the country as well as on YouTube, Vimeo and ROKU as well as on our website and each of our station’s streaming media sites.

Rollin’ On TV Continues Streaming Media Expansion

We’re happy to announce the addition of Amazon Fire to our line-up of streaming media services carrying Rollin’ On TV. Even though linear TV is still the 500 lb gorilla when it comes to reaching a mass market, we realized a while back that with so many people cutting the cord with cable companies in…
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ProtectAll product does so much!

When the box of ProtectAll products arrived at our Douglas MA home, I was away at the Arizona house where I take care of my folks.

So Laurie decided to try the product out inside the house, on the furniture, on the countertops, just about everywhere that didn't move! I remember she called and was SO excited about it!

That's when we all decided it was worth producing a testimonial. Now Laurie is a bit shy so getting her in front of the camera so much was, well, just fun! This is the result of that piece!

A Camper Van with Back Slide-out Bedroom

This caught our eye as an interesting way to stretch that small space. The Westfalia name is likely best known among American motorhome fans for the company's camper conversions of Volkswagen Transporter vans. The firm is still in business after all of these years and now shows off the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based 2019 James Cook model.…
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The GMC – 30 Years Ahead of Its Time

There was a time when GM was the automotive innovator. For a while, The General was the trendsetter when it came to transportation. During that golden era, GM knew what buyers wanted before they knew they wanted it. Vehicles such as the Chevrolet Corvette and the Pontiac GTO were perfect examples. And among the plethora…
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Tips for Traveling with Pets

Mark and Dawn Polk, of RV Education 101, travel with their dogs. Today, Mark offers a great list of tips to ensure your travel with your canine or feline or whatever pet you have, is enjoyable and safe for all! Items such as having all their health paperwork and important phone numbers, to having photos…
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Go Power! joins Rollin’ On TV as Branded Sponsor

As we continue growing our partnerships with some of the world's leading RV and camping oriented companies, we would like to welcome Go Power! as our newest Limited Branded Sponsor. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Go Power! has been a leading innovator of solar power solutions since 1996, and recently became a wholly owned subsidiary…
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RV Window Do-Over ‘Stained Glass’ look

All of us that have owned an RV for some time, or even if you are looking at RV's, will find that the industry's taste in color is basically earth tones.  Well, why not? You will be out in the woods camping with trees and campfires - drab brown should be the order of the…
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The Barefoot Heads Into Production

When we covered the 2018 Open House in Elkhart late last year, this cutie caught Michelle's eye. At that time it wasn't yet in production in the United States. Well, according to this RV Business article, it is now! Rollin' On TV 2018-21 show segment - The Barefoot Caught our Eye from Rollin' On TV…
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