9 amazing Camper Concepts for the 2020s Including the RV of the Year Winner!

The RV world reached new heights in the 2010s, laying the groundwork for what could be an even bigger decade to come. Not only did the camper industry rebound authoritatively from the 2008 recession, it rose steadily to an all-time US sales record in 2017 and decade+ European high mark in 2018. The RV renaissance of the 10s also saw the romanticization of the mobile living lifestyle, with terms like "van life," "overlanding," "glamping" and "digital nomad" gaining an aspirational mystique and a place in the vernacular. As we move into the new decade, RVs are set to continuously evolve, the forward-looking concepts of the past 10 years paving the way for smarter, more comfortable, more luxurious and more stylish RVs of every style and size. Read the rest of this article here.

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