A Visit to Steele Rubber Products

When you think about it, your RV has quite a few rubber moldings and seals and most of us don’t even think about them until, one of them starts leaking, then it’s a ‘holy cow got to get it fixed' moment.

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Now you have to find a new seal either at an RV dealer or parts house (if they have one to match), or know that there is a better option. Visit www.rv.steelerubber.com  and your problem will be solved.

Steele Rubber Products, located in Denver, North Carolina, has been making high quality replacement rubber seals and weather stripping for hot rods, vintage and classic cars since 1958.

Now, Steele Rubber is offering the same high quality, ‘Made In America’, replacement rubber parts and service to RVers everywhere.

We paid a visit to Steele’s facility to find out for ourselves what goes into building today’s modern rubber parts. And the first thing we learned was that so called 'rubber' parts are no longer made of rubber.

Today's rubber parts are made of high tech ingredients that last longer, perform better and ‘when it comes to Steele Rubber products’, can be installed relatively easy.

Check out this week’s feature story and see what goes into making today’s rubber seals.. and learn what salt has to do with the production process at Steele.

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