About Us

ROLLIN' ON TV - is a nationally syndicated television program that was established in late 2010 by Jose Moniz. Prior to creating Rollin’ On TV Jose created a boating lifestyle television program that aired from 2000 to 2008

In 2010, with the economic downturn starting to turn around, Moniz decided an RV lifestyle program offered a better opportunity. Today, Rollin' On TV is the #1 weekly RV and camping television show in America with a reach of 40 million homes and is viewed by 350,000 to 375,000 people a week on television on both cable and satellite TV and associated media outlets. The show is aired 25 times a week across the country. And these stats are prior to the recent addition of 17 new channels through the Cox Media network!

Also, in the last 2 years, Rollin' On TV has established itself in the social media world with an active following of over 30,000 and growing rapidly.

JOSE MONIZ - Executive Producer of Rollin' On TV. Jose has been creating and producing recreational based television programs since January, 2000 when he launched Boating Today, a weekly, boating lifestyle program that covered all aspects of recreational boating.

The magazine style program featured everything from power boating to sailing and included a wide range of interesting guests like Billy Joel who was on the show a few times. By late 2002, Boating Today was the #1 weekly boating, lifestyle television program and held that spot until late 2008 when the economy sank.

In 2010, Jose turned his attention to another form of recreational activity, RVing and camping, and created Rollin' On TV. Again the television program quickly became the countries #1 weekly RV and camping lifestyle tv program with a household reach approaching 40-million homes. ROTV continues to expand horizontally with the addition of streaming media and Rollin' On TV Español.

JEFF JOHNSTON - is the Associate Producer of Rollin' On TV. In this role, he is the face of Rollin' On TV and is often recognized when he's out and about, to his delight.

Jeff was honored with the RVIA  Award for Distinguished Achievement in RV Journalism. The Distinguished Achievement in RV Journalism Award is presented to journalists for exemplary coverage of the RV industry or RV travel.

Jeff Johnston was recognized for his work in reporting on how RVs work and how people can enjoy them best over a 30-year career as an RV journalist at enthusiast magazines, including Trailer Life and Motorhome, and most recently as a producer and contributor for Rollin’ on TV.


MICHELLE FONTAINE - Rollin' On TV's Social and On-Line Guru comes from a strong marketing background.

In 2005, after 3 decades in the corporate marketing world, she began her own company as LaMich Productions and later as FBSmarty. This allowed her to focus on what she enjoyed doing most, photography, web design and, when it arrived... social media!

Many of her clients are in the RV industry, and, in 2016, Michelle joined our team. She manages all of our on-line, website and marketing communication strategies. "My involvement with Rollin' On TV allows me to expand and enjoy, while utilizing my best skills, beyond my wildest expectations."

Michelle's newest project, Two Gals and a Dog, involves RVing around the country capturing stories and footage for Rollin' On TV while enjoying this beautiful country with her partner and photographer Laurie and their dog Rue.


Our Production Partners in South Bend, Indiana

BOB RICHTHAMMER - With over 30 years of production experience, Bob's background is vast and varied. He is a well-respected cameraman, lighting director, camera jib/boom operator, loves a good production challenge and is definitely most at home while 'on the set'.

He is very experienced with most production equipment and loves to work with dollies, booms, Steadicams and most any other equipment he can get his hands on.

“I started family camping when I was 6 years old. We went from several different tents to pop up tent campers and eventually to a 26’ towable travel trailer. Working on ROTV gives me the chance to bring my work and personal lives together and stay in touch with those roots.”


ROBIN O’SULLIVAN - Graduated in 2011 from Ball State University (Muncie, IN) with a degree in Telecommunications. He quickly got involved in video production after his education was finished.

He has traveled to Israel, Mexico and all over the United States for different video projects. Robin is a skilled video editor, cameraman, and audio technician.

With over 5 years of experience he has shown an ability to learn quickly and deliver a quality product.

Robin is happy to be a part of the Rollin' on TV family and excited to bring this show into your home.


JON O’SULLIVAN - JonO’ is a producer, director, cameraman, and editor for PentaVision which he co-founded with Bob
over 15 years ago.

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, JonO’ worked as a news photographer for seven years, then as a location production supervisor and camera man for Golden Dome Productions until 2002. He has shot video throughout the USA, as well as, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Working for ROTV has brought back fond memories of traveling to the National Parks back in the 60’s with his family, towing a Shasta behind the station wagon. Fun times!