Amish Country of Intercourse, PA – an RV Destination

We left Massachusetts and headed west pulling our new little home behind us. Our second night found us at the Beacon Hill Campground in Intercourse, PA. New England has such lush lovely countryside and the county of Lancaster, PA also enjoys this.

Our second Facebook Live update for this trip was from our nice campsite at Beacon Hill Campground. Here, we share a funny story with you, and yes, we were feeling silly! We chat about our day, the campground, the very popular Kitchen Kettle Village, the Amish buggy ride we took, and more. So much farmland in this area, the aroma of cow manure and nuisance of flies are the only minor negative things we can say. On the other hand, the craftsmanship, the hard-working people, the interesting history and lives of the Amish make for a most enjoyable stay!

Here is the video we compiled of the Amish buggy ride with our guide Nancy. We learned a lot on this enjoyable ride.

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