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Adventure Van Expo

Today's location is the slopes of beautiful Mount Hood, Oregon. We're here to attend the Adventure Van Expo which is sort of an event that represents one extreme of RVing, that is to say people who have taken class B type motorhomes and built them into rugged off-road, off the beaten track type adventure vehicles.…
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EarthCruiser – an Extreme Off-Roading Motorhome

With the growing popularity of off the road four-wheel drive class B vans, this week, we decided to take a second look at a serious off the road motorhome from Overland Cruiser. Later, with more and more folks opting to purchase a used motorhome or trailer, we asked Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education…
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Washington Tri-Cities; Kennewick, Pasco and Richland

Jeff Johnston: There's literally no end to the fun places you can find to explore while you RV around this country of ours. Today's quick stop is Washington's Tri Cities, Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. This area abounds in outdoor activities, history, and interesting things to see and do. For example, there's this big guy, the…
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Meet our Interesting RV Power Awning Contest Winners

Jeff: Greetings, if you follow our show, you know that we have quite a few giveaways for different prizes. A couple of months ago, along with our partners at Carefree of Colorado, we gave away a Carefree of Colorado electric powered awning. Well, as luck would have it, the winners are just a few miles…
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GoPower Solar Panels for RVing and Camping

Some people like full-hookup campgrounds and all the amenities. We, like a lotta campers, enjoy going dry camping, or as they say boondocking, which means no hookups. The disadvantage there is sooner or later you run out of electricity. For example, if it's cool enough that you run your furnace all night, you know, your 12-volt battery power supply can be a little bit dodgy.

Fortunately, there is a simple solar solution for that. Go Power is a company that offers a number of portable solar-panel charging setups for your RV batteries. This one is 120-watt kit. They have kits all the way up to 200 watts, and they also offer permanent setups for the top of the vehicle.

The Go Power! panels and connecting cables come in a sturdy carrying case for safe and convenient storage in your RV. You unfold the panels, and you find all the hookup hardware on the inside. Each side of the panel has these kinda leg kits that can stick out here, so we'll set these up. We'll haul the whole rig over to the side of the trailer and figure out how we're gonna hook these to the batteries.

Some trailer was equipped with the solar charge port and one of the adapters in the kit just happens to fit, so we plug it in and that's set. And the nice thing is, because this is portable, you put it in the sun wherever you happen to need it. Be sure to watch this segment which has a lot more detail about setting up the GoPower Solar Panels!

Destination: Michigan UP

Destination - Michigan UP Jeff Johnston: Michigan's Upper Peninsula has long been one of our favorite RV travel destinations. Its scenery, history, food, and fun people add up to a region that's ripe for RV exploration. The trip starts with a run across the straits of Mackinac Bridge on US 75. And there's something truly…
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Campfire Starting Tip

Jeff: Well, it’s campfire time again, and I for one am really glad for it. Been a long winter. But getting started in the spring means sometimes where we wind up using firewood that’s a little less than optimum, maybe it’s a bit wet or green or a little bit punky, well, there’s something you…
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Vail Colorado – It’s a Great Summer Destination Too!

Jeff Johnston: If you enjoy wintertime sports--skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, whatever--Colorado is hard to beat as the place to find all kinds of those activities, but there is another side of Colorado that's equally as much fun. We're in beautiful Vail, and this area abounds with all kinds of activities and fun things to do during…
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Three Toy Haulers Compared

As Jeff explains in this first segment of our show, "Toy-hauler trailers have been a part of the RV industry for 20-plus years. Toy-haulers were initially designed for people to be able to take their mobile toys with them: motorcycles, quads, side-by-sides, that sort of vehicle. The toy-hauler provides a garage space with the door…
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Stay in a Vintage Trailer at this Unique Campground

Jeff Johnston: "Every campground has a personality all its own. Here at the historic Sou'wester Lodge, you have an opportunity to take part in the camping experience that's, well, a little different than the ordinary." Thandi Rosenbaum: "We're at the Sou'Wester Lodge. We're a historic lodge and vintage travel trailer resort. We have suites in…
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