2018-12 – Buying a Used Class B – and More!

Buying a Used Class B Motorhome

We continue our series on buying a used RV with a look at class B motorhomes. This category of RVs is also one the fastest growing segments and once you see this week’s feature you’ll understand why.

Class B’s have been around for quite some time and, in the early days, they were called conversion vans. Now, virtually every major motorhome manufacturer is turning out their own brands and models of class Bs.

Let's face it, a class B motorhome may not be for everyone and that’s why there are so many makes and models of RVs being made. What’s perfect for one person or family will not be perfect for another.

On this week’s show we focus in on two very popular types and models of class Bs and we chose these two models because of the difference in their price points when they were new and what they are selling for now.

First is a 2015 Winnebago Travato. Built on a Ram Pro-Master chassis, this unit is now selling in the $60,000 to $69,000 range based on mileage and how the unit is optioned out.

The second model we’re featuring is a 2014 PleasureWay Plateau Fl model based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. This particular model has a 6-cylinder diesel power engine and, of course, being a Mercedes is the pricier of the two coming in at around the $95,000 range.

Of course there is a difference in options, fit and finish between the two and that’s why we choose these two models to give you a good look at exactly what is available in this small motorhome market.

Check out the show as Jeff gives us some great insight based on his real-life use of these two units. Who knows, he may just point out some pros and cons about class Bs you haven’t considered.

RV Education 101 / RV Mirrors

Whether you’re driving a motorhome or towing a trailer, if you don’t know how to use your mirrors then you might as well just put on a blindfold and pray.

There are basically two types of mirrors for motorhomes. The type that extends out and the type that are fixed on the motorhome. Mark tells us the best way to position the extended mirror.

On this week’s RV education 101, Mark and Dawn Polk show us the importance of the proper mirrors and how to set them up and use them properly.

Lets face it, your life could depend on it!

Getting that Campfire Started

What can you do with egg cartons and candle wax that will make your next camping trip more enjoyable?

Jeff shows us a pretty easy way to create your own guaranteed to light fire starters using old candle wax and egg cartons.

Sometimes wood can be 'punky' and resistant to catching on fire. This combination of materials are safe, easy to store and WILL get that fire going!


Additional Videos

Be sure to check out the additional video on class B motorhomes as Gary from Guaranty RV in Junction City, Oregon gives us his take on what class Bs have to offer.

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