Camp 18 Restaurant and Museum – a Rollin’ On TV Hangout and Stop

If you’re an RVer and frequent the NorthWest, specifically along Highway 26, then the Camp 18Camp 18 menu cover Restaurant is most likely already on your “got to stop at list’. And if you’re visiting the area for the first time, do add this place to your stop and visit list. If you don’t, you’re missing a great stop that the whole family will enjoy.

Camp 18 is located right on RT 26 in Elsie, Oregon and it’s way more than a great restaurant, as it also has an interesting logging museum that offers plenty to see and experience for both adults and kids.

When it comes to parking your RV…. No problem, remember, this was once a logging camp that seen a lot of large logging trailers pull in, so there’s plenty of space to park your rig.

Camp 18 Restaurant interiorCamp 18 Restaurant has to be one of the largest log buildings ever built with a huge 85-foot ridge pole dominating the main room. It’s the largest such structural member known in the United States and it weighs approximately 25-tons. And if that doesn’t catch your attention, then those huge front doors will. They are cut from an old growth fir log. Each door is 4-1/2 inches thick and weighs 500-pounds.

We could go on and on with all the statistics about this log building, but hey… this is also a restaurant with…. Great food and shall we say, ‘logger size portions’. When we say, large portions, we aren’t kidding. The cinnamon buns (which Camp 18 is known for) are the size of a dinner plate and will serve 2 or even three people.

Camp 18 cinnamon rollsBreakfast is a popular meal here and when you see their offerings you’ll understand why. Pancakes are called, ‘Flatcars’ and like everything else on the menu, they’re big and delicious. Of course there is a wide array of breakfast items from omelets to waffles. And if you want a regional favorite, try the fried rainbow trout and egg combinations.

Lunch offers everything you’d expect from tasty sandwich combinations to large juicy burgers and some delicious soups, salads and other offerings.

Dinner… what can we say, tender large steaks, chops and BBQ ribs along with local fish dishes featuring trout, and local salmon. And if you’re looking for some good ole’ comfort food, got to try their heaping portion of meatloaf, mash potatoes, and gravy.

How did we learn about Camp 18? From someone who know this place well, our host and associate producer, Jeff Johnston.

Camp 18 Restaurant and Museum has bee designated by us, Rollin’ On TV, a favorite Hang Out & Stop.

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