Campground Review – BayView Campground on Cape Cod, MA

Michelle: Hi, I'm here with Dave Ricci of Bay View Campground in Bourne, Massachusetts.

Dave: This is right at the beginning of the cape, right over the Bourne Bridge on the other side of the canals. We're right off Route 28, which is a major highway that goes down to Falmouth. My father-in-law, Gardner S. Nightingale, was a police officer here in the town of Bourne. And the Second World War broke out, and patriotic young man at the time, he enlisted in the army. But he always knew he wanted to do something, so while he was overseas, he would send money back to his mom. And he would ask her to buy parcels of land. By that time, he had purchased up to 90 acres, 98 acres of land here on the cape, this section here.

My father-in-law and mother-in-law, they geared the campground right from the get-go family camp. And you can see it right on our main sign and all our advertisement is family camping. People that come camping, especially with kids, they come from the suburbs, cities, Boston, whichever maybe. And then we love it here because we let our kids go. We just say, "Go."

I've given a lot of thought in the swimming pools as far as what to put into it. This one here is a jumping pool, it's eight feet deep. It also has a very small area, one foot for the little ones. This pool here only goes to about four feet high because that's for the mid-size kids.
So, that's the whole pool, so they can have the whole pool to have fun in, they're still touching the bottom. This one here is for recreation, we have volleyball, basketball. The lower pool one was geared more for what we call our seasonals. They are the people who stay here year-- or for the full season from May 1 to October 15.

The main building here is one of the original buildings of the grounds. And we added to it as we expanded. The ice cream parlor was-- we wanted something a little different, and ice cream's perfect. So, we gave it the 1950s look of an old fashioned ice cream parlor. The new machines as they come along and such, I want every kid who goes in there to walk out with something. It's no longer just to make money or for entertainment. I want the kids to have a good time just as much as the adults do. Everything is geared for family participation together.

Michelle: Another story you brought up that I think is really interesting. There are no bugs here. David: My daughter, when she was going to college, she also did some agricultural studies. And what we found was that bugs, mosquitos, whatever lay their larvae in the leaves in the woods. They try to get them under the leaves because it's moist and it helps with the larvae to hatch when rains and such comes out. But I just said, "Well, let's just rake everything." And that's what we do, we rake the sites, between the sites, and the embankments. The main part of the grounds, which is approximately 60 acres, is completely raked from fence to fence.

Michelle: And your sites are quite large too. David: We didn't know it at the time. As we were expanding the grounds. We just went by a plain footprint of  50 feet deep, 50 foot wide. And we went by the topo or the configuration of the land. If you notice the grounds is in different tiers. So, we used the topography of the land, and we developed it into different tiers.

We planted over 30,000 little seedlings throughout the campground, we just kept planting these little seedlings all over, trying to replenish. Some of the sites, you'll see that there's a big tree right in the middle of it. We try to accommodate that old tree in the middle instead of just taking it down and making it for bigger rigs.

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