Canvas Replacement for your Pop-up Tent Trailer

Canvas Replacement for that Tent Trailer

If your pop-up camping trailer has wife and neighbors complaining, then it's time to contact the folks at Canvas Replacements. This week, we take you to Loyal, Wisconsin. the home to Canvas Replacements, the leading manufacturer of pop-up tent camper canvas.

It's very interesting how someone can take an old canvas that looks like it came from the Civil War, all ripped and shredded with pieces missing, and turn out an exact replica using today's modern materials. Well, we'll show you.

Bob Grambsch, owner of Canvas Replacements, tells us "In 1973,  we bought out a bunch of surplus materials from another camper company that went out of business.. that was Tradewinds.

Included in that inventory of miscellaneous hardware parts were a whole semi trailer load of obsolete tent camper canvases. They were brand-new canvases in bags that were for Tradewinds campers that had been made in 1963 and '64.

Bob continues, "My dad and I thought those were pretty worthless, but we hauled 'em back here with the rest of the stuff anyway. And after a few weeks, people were calling the office at Tradewinds and being directed to us to get a new tent for their 10-year-old Tradewinds camping trailer. It began to dawn on us. God kinda beat it on my dad's head that this is kinda the direction you need to go.

And over the next couple years, we started specializing in selling replacement tent camper canvases. But more and more, we expanded our sewing operations and started making new tents from scratch for ones that we couldn't find a source on.

And over the years, we have, when other companies have gone out of business, and we've just expanded on that. At this point, we can make a new tent for any camping trailer. And we have for, I think, back to a 1920-something Cozy Camp to campers that were made in the 2000s. And all we need--at the most, all we would need would be the old canvas that we're replacing. And we have a staff that can take that apart and measure it, even if it's a rag, and duplicate it and make a new tent that fits perfectly."

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