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Types of RVs – Towables and Motorized

Getting the Right RV the First Time With so many of our viewers calling themselves 'RV Newbies' and others looking at 'getting into' RVing, it’s very easy to get off on the wrong foot (so to speak) and purchase the wrong type of RV. By that, we mean getting the wrong trailer or motorhome for…
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Easy Peasy Apple Pie Salad

Most RVers and campers have those favorite recipes they like preparing when out camping or just traveling. This particular recipe, apple pie salad, was from Evanne Schmarder and since we first aired the segment with her preparing this dish, the follow up and inquiries keep coming. It’s called Apple Pie Salad and, as Evanne says,…
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The Serro Scotty Trailer

In case you haven’t noticed, vintage retro trailers are springing up all over the place. It seems like every manufacturer is coming out or reintroducing something from the past. One of the latest entries into this market comes from Little Guy International. You’re probably familiar with their cool Little Guy teardrop trailers. Now the company…
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