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Single RVing Woman Tests the Gemini Motorhome

More and more single women and single moms are hitting the road and enjoying RV vacations either by themselves or with the family. It wasn’t always this way. For quite a while, many single women questioned whether they could drive a motorhome, or learn how to tow a trailer. Well, more and more women are…
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Tire Age .. How Do You Know?

Whether you have older tires or just bought a new set, how can you tell just how old those tires are? Just because you bought them yesterday, they could have been made two or even three years ago. Having good tires is such an important safety item that you should never take a chance on…
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Cool Trailer Towing Accessories

Let's face it, we’re all looking for something new when it comes to RV accessories. And that goes for trailer towing accessories. Today there are some great companies turning out some cool, new, innovative new products that will make towing your trailer a lot easier and possibly even safer. This week, Mark and Dawn Polk…
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